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Modes of Transport in Angola before 1975

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1899 Angola lifting a Crocodile, PostCard

1899 Angola bicycle race, PC

1903 Angola bicycle race awaiting governor Moutinho's arrival, PC

1900s Ship SALVADOR CORREIA Vouga & Doca, PC

1900s a Typoia as a paid taxis service

1900s Catumbella group of cyclists awaiting governor Moutinho's arrival

1900 Boer wagon crossing the Caculovar river

1900 Boer wagon in the busy streets of Mossamedes

1900s Boer wagon crossing the Cunene

1900s Boer wagon crossing the Caculocar river

1900 Portable transport

1900 a portable native hearse


1900s Luanda Steamship 'Vilhena', PostCard

1902 Boer 6-span oxen wagon, Mossamedes (postcard)

1904 Benguela native canoe (postcard)

1900s Travel by Hammock (postcard)

1905 Transport in Machila (postcard)

1905 Railroad Bridge Malange-Lucalla, PC

1908 Angola, Boer wagon in Mocamedes

1906 Transport in a Typoia

1908 Boer caravan in Mossamedes streets

1910s Huila - Construction of a Boer wagon

1910s Mossamedes Boer wagon train

1910s Mossamedes Plateau Boer transport

1910s Boer oxen transport / Ossewa

1910s Print of Boer oxen transport / Ossewa (Serpa Pinto)

1910s Humpapa Boer passenger transport / Ossewa

1910s Boer oxen transport / Ossewa at a Mission Station

1910s Angola, Hunt 70km from LOANDA with a Dodge

1914 WW1 Humpata - visiting Alves Rocadas

1914 WW1 Humpata - Portuguese official visiting Alves Rocadas

1914 wagon train near Kavango river

1915 Sa da Bandeira Soldiers traveling during WW1

1910s Hunting 70km from Loanda with a Dodge

1910s Transporte Salvador Correia, PC

1910s Angola Native Bridge (postcard)

1910s Native boat on the Cuanza (postcard)

1910s Caminho de Ferro de Malange, PC

1910s Lobito Ship at Railway bridge, PC

1910s Luanda Canhoneira D.Luis Gunboat, PC

1910s Railway Bridge, PC

1914 WW1 Angola, Boer wagons hauling allied military goods

1914 Angola, Boer transport during WW1

1910 Lobito Street scene, PC

1916 Benguella Boer chariot, PC

1920s two Afrikaner 6-span oxen wagons crossing the Cunene river

Itinerant preacher DG Venter visiting the Afrikaner flock in Angola near Mombolo

1920 6-span oxen transporting goods

1920s Bush ambulance (JP Tucker)

1920s Bush ambulance (Boers in Africa, N. Stassen)

1920 Rev.W. Bell and his Ford (from Tucker's 'Drums in the Darkness')

1920s 'Alikoke bush car' to fit narrow trails, missionary invention (from Wilson's 'Angola beloved')

1920s 'Alikoke bush car' could reach 8mph ('Boers in Angola', Stassen)

1924 East Africa equivalent Sedan chair (Osa Johnson, from "I married Adventure')

1920 Benguela railway (from Tucker's 'Drums in the Darkness')

1920s Bush car travel (from Tucker's 'Drums in the Darkness')

Crossing the Kavango river at Bunja near Rundu

1920s travel by AutoMovel - here at km53

1920s Luanda indiginous sail canoe, PC

1920s bridge builders (from Wilson's 'Angola Beloved')

1921 Steam train at Malange

1923 Angola 'Esquadrilha Expedicionaria' do Lubango

1923 Picknick in Boer wagon

1924 Boer children riding to school, Mompolo (from Boers in Angola)

1920s Mossamedes Boer Transport

1924 Boer riding donkey ('Boers in Angola', Stassen)

1924 Boer riding ox ('Boers in Angola', Stassen)

1928 Angola Boers Repatriating to SWA

1928 Crossing the Cunene Rivier with Ossewaens to Swartbooisdrift

1928 Evacuating to Swartbooisdrift

1928 Angola Boers Repatriating to SWA

1928 SWA car Fleet to Repatriate Boers ('Boers in Angola', Stassen)

1930s Bai Cavallo

1930s Fazzenda Tentative farm

1930s Angola Benguela railway

1931 Benguela Railway, Lobito to Katanga

1930 Edith Salvador

1930s Manuel & Antonio Rodrigues with boer wagon

1930s Sa da Bandeira avenue

1940s Tio Toneca (Antonio Costa)

1941 Ferrying oxen across the river ('Boers in Angola', Stassen)

1940s Crossing the river

1940s Going hunting

1940s Nova Lisboa, PC

1940s Crossing the Quando river

1940s Tio Albertino Rodrigues

1940s native dugout canoe

1940s Lobito, Salazar Square

1940s Engine trouble

1940s Graciete Roque, picknick

1940's Angola wood bridge

1940s Lobito Presidente Craveiro Lopes dam at Biopio, PC

1940s Lobito Quay

1950s Passenger ship "Angola" at Madeira, postcard

1940s Luanda Paulo Dias de Novais Avenue, PC

1940s Luanda loading docks

1941 Angola Sunday outing

1941 Rabbit hunt

1944 Off to camp

1946 Benguela railway at BelaVista

1950s Angola Travelling Afrikaner minister ('Boers in Africa', Stassen)

1950s de Klerk's homestead at Chicuma, Ox wagon ('Boers in Angola', Stassen)

1950 Jose Rodrigues

1950s Alvaro with Renault

1950 Augusto & friends

1950 Madeira Passenger ship 'Angola', PC

1950s Lobito cars

1950s Luanda 'Alfonso Rodrigues'

1952 Lobito 28th May Avenue

1953 Passenger ships from Angola at Madeira

1953 Madeira from sea

1953 Madeira (sled) road transport

1953 Madeira road transport, old and new

1950s Angola, Buick 1948

1950s Aunt Ceu with piglet

1950s Chevrolet, from 8mm

1950 driving to Belavista church

1950s Lobito NS Arribida Church, postcard

1950s Armindo & Fernanda with motorbike

1950s Stuck truck from Quando Cubango

1950s Samuel Gomes

1950s Aunt Ceu & Natalia

1950s Dakota DC3 at Benguela Airport

1950s Train to Matala

1955 Steamship 'Angola' at Madeira, Portugal Navigation Company

1950s Jose Rodrigues & Chevy

1956 Leprocy patient (from 'Yesterday Remembered'by Mabel Johnson)

1957 Angola Boer Visser ('Boers in Angola', Stassen)

1957 Angola Boer homes on the Okavango ('Boers in Angola', Stassen)

1957 Angola ox wagon in Capala ('Boers in Angola', Stassen)

1957 Angola wooden sled in Capala ('Boers in Angola', Stassen)

1958 Angola, another Boer repatriation to SWA ('Boers in Angola', Stassen)

1958 Silva Porto, house Jose Rodrigues

1958 Jose Rodrigues' church at Silva Porto

1959 Joao Gomes with car

1950s, Benguela Rua do Brasil

1950s Lobito Salazar Square

1960s Lobito, Colina de Saudade, PC

1958, Douglas DC3 C47

1960 Angola, Malanje Aeroport

1950s, Douglas DC3 C54 CS

1960s Angola, Lobito Aeroport by Quitos

1950s Nova Lisboa Cinema Ruacana

1960s Mossamedes- Beach with cars

1960s Mossamedes - Taxis square

1960s Benguela Express on the Machodo Bridge

1960s Luanda, Avenida Paulo Dias De Novais

1960s Luanda, Avenidas Paulo Dias de Novais, Founder of Luanda in 1576

1960s Mossamedes Beach - Ford Anglia

1960 tia Ceu

1960 Cars, PC

1960s Lobito street scene, PC

1960s Lobito street traffic, PC

1960s Cabinda (J.Huibregtse, from "Angola, the Real Story"

1960s Bedford crossing the river, from 8mm

1960s Lobito Quay, from "Angola The Real Story" by J.Huibregtse

1960s Mocamedes Iron Ore Shipping, from "Angola The Real Story" by J.Huibregtse

1960s Luanda Hotel Presidente, from "Angola The Real Story" by J.Huibregtse

1960s Angola Mocamedes, PC

1960s Bedford crossing the river, from 8mm

1960s Daihatsu, from 8mm

1960s International Harvestor crossing river, from 8mm

1960s International Harvestor hauling lumber, from 8mm

1960s Peugeot, from 8mm

1960 s crossing the river on a ferry-raft

1960s British Leyland hauling lumber, from 8mm

1960s Grandpa Jose Roque by Gomes' house

1960s Ceu at Galangue

1960 Chevy Suburban, from Mabel Johnson's 'Yesterday Remembered'

1960s Lobito, PC

1960s Luanda boats, PC

1960s Luanda cars, PC

1960s Luanda fisherman, PC

1960s Luanda Fishing Boats, PC

1960s Nova Lisboa, PC

1960s Nova Lisboa street view, PC

1960s Sa da Bandeira city view, PC

1960 Sa da Bandeira, PC

1962 Luanda Praca do Imperio, PC

1964 Lobito, PC

1962 river Cacuche, PC

1963 Nova Lisboa Steam Locomotive CFB Garratt

1964 off to a dedication at Dondi mission, from 8mm

1964 Chevy Suburban Loading water at the river, from 8mm

1964 Chevy Suburban off-loading water at house, from 8mm

1964 Toyota Carina, from 8mm

1964 African bush ambulance, from Mabel Johnson's 'Yesterday Remembered'

1964 Vintage cars near Banco de Angola in Luanda, PC

1960's Bush ambulance in Congo, from 'Monganga Paul' Carlson

1965 DTA Fokker F-27-200, Benguela Airport

1966 Vintage cars in sa da Bandeira, PC

1969 Angola Armindo's store at Onjiva, Daihatsu

1969 Milita, Xanda, Mita, Maura, Armindo

1969 road to Ebanga

1969 Dakota DC3

1960s Angola, Luanda Aeroport, PC

1960s Angola Lobito Aeroport, PC

1960s Angola, Lobito Aeroport, PC

1970 Angola, Lobito Aeroport, PC

1960s Sa da Bandeira, Citroen DS, PC

1960s Lobito Post office

1960s Nova Lisboa Cinema Ruacana and Hotel

1960s Downtown Silva Porto

1960s Catumbela Railway station

1960s Angola, Bungo Railroad Yard

1964 Champion Athletic Club Maravilha, Mossamedes

More Angola racing pics here

1964 Champion Athletic Club Maravilha, Mossamedes

1965 Luanda Av Marginal, Palanca Negro Trophee

1960s Angola DAF33 commercial ad

1970s Angola, Luanda Craveiro Gomes Airport

more Angola pre-1975 airport pictures

1970s Angola, Bunga Railroad Yard

1970s Luanda, winner Antonio Peixinho Lotus Elan and Flavio Santos in a Ferrari 250

1972 Angola Luanda Autodrome Inauguration

1973 Mossamedes, Ernesto Neves

1974 Angola, Benguela Race Track

1970 Rodrigues kids and '53 Chevy Suburban

1972 steamer Lobito Express - Teixeira de Sousa

1972 Lobito Express - Teixeira de Sousa dining car

1970s Angola's unpopulated Southern Savanah

1972 Nova Lisboa - Jose & Filomena Costa wedding

1972 Cidalia's wedding

1972 6hrs of Huambo, start Antonio Roque

1972 Angola AlfaT33 6hrs of Huambo, by Toninho Roque

1972 Angola Mocamedes Santos Peras Circuit, by Toninho Roque

1972 Catota, Jose Rodrigues and Chevy

1975 crossing Kavango river with Toyota Landcruiser

1975 evacuation, 'depriving' Angola of their services

1975 Angola, refugee camp in SWA

1975, more refugees

1975 evacuation to Lisbon - play it again Sam

1975 evacuation by road, the end of the trail

Read 'Angola refugee nightmare blog'

1975 refugee camp Grootfontein, SWA

Read about Angola's sell-out by the socialists

1976 Queen of the Ngangelas departing on her chariot

1960 Angola, Luanda, Grande Premio Automovel

1969 Angola, Mossamedes, accident

1969 Angola, Nova Redondo 6hr Race

1973 Angola, 3hr International Race of Luanda

Vintage Truckdrivers of Angola (YouTube)

Vintage Truckdrivers of Serra da Leba (YouTube)

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China's Qing Dynasty sedan chair in the 17th century

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