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South West Africa SWA-Namibia in the 1980's

SWA-Namibia map, 1972

Beluister 'Ver van die ou Kalahari' (Volksliedjies 2, nr15)

'South West Africa' by William Eveleigh, 1915

the early history SWA - South West Africa - Namibia (pdf, 1MB)

a short history of Boer settlement in Angola/SWA

a 1915 write-up of South West Africa, by William Eveleigh, on Climate, Flora, Fauna, People

South West Africa Maps

South-West Africa Stamps

more online reading about SWA-Namibia

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SWA, Jose and Teresa, early 80's

Jose and Teresa at Hoba Meteorite, good acoustics, early 80's

Hoba Meteorite, old picture

1980, SWA Jose and Teresa at Walvisbaai, early 80's

SWA Jose and Teresa to Swakopmund, early 80's

Schiphol to Windhoek

1896, lake in arid Southern Africa

Joburg by air

1986, Jan Smuts airport

1986, KLM via Nairobi to Jan Smuts airport

Windhoek SWA suburb

downtown Windhoek, 1986

Windhoek Kudu statue

Windhoek, left hand drive

1986, Windhoek shopping center

VW from air cooling to heating up

Windhoek Lutheran Church

Windhoek, Kaiser Bill (defeated by the South Africans in 1915)

Windhoek, Kaiser Wilhelm II

Windhoek, Kaiser Wilhelm II


Windhoek Parliament buildings 1986

Windhoek Kalahari Sands hotel

Windhoek, house Manuel

700 km due north

Aloe in flower

fine roads and landscapes

1987, S. von Bach dam & lake

promising skies

dry hills

golden grasses






94 to Grootfontein

distant rains

Magadadi palms of SWA

Windhoek road, 62 from Otavi

Farm land

Omataku mountains

the elusive rains of Africa

a short walk or a long one

Grootfontein entrance

African flame trees

Grootfontein Stadtverwaltung

1986, Checkpoint to stop Swapo terrorists

termite hill

bottomless lake Ochikoto

looking for sunken WW1 material

guardians of the deep

Welkom in Tsumeb

Tsumeb church

Tsumeb mining facility

Tsumeb Herero's at Co-op

Tsumeb greened with mining water

looking for Swapo: those on the left please stop

read about the Soviet insurgency from Angola

land mine, or asleep at the wheel?

Kavango native villages

Kavango weaver nests

weaver bird

Grandpa's tree

Sunflowers near Grootfontein

even here (1987)

roadside village

creative colors

African craftmanship

an Ovambo 747, ready for takeoff

1987, Hoba meteorite, dropped on or by a mining town?

Hoba contains 97% iron

Jose and Teresa's abode in Grootfontein

Grootfontein early 80's

Portuguese church Grootfontein early 80's

Portuguese church Grootfontein early 80's

Kavango river, looking at Calai in Angola

Rundu, home on the Wildebeestlaan

Christmas 1986 in Rundu

African church

African church, early 1980s

SWA Rundu Waterwese 1980's

Rundu sportsday 1980s

Rundu Rugby match 1980's

beluister "Uit die blou van onse hemel"

1987: the 'besoekers' are losing in SWA

Banking on Toyota

a tall order

Namibia 1986/87, land of plenty

Kavango Pharmacy 1980's

SWA Rundu Hospital

1987, Well designed Koevoet

read about the Soviet insurgency from Angola

Grandma baking cakes

Brunido, retired Benguela railway engineer from Angola

Brunido family with Ozzie

African hunters Orlando, Osvaldo & Jeannette

Grandpa's Christmas day birthday

fine dining in the bush

Orlando Roque and family

Christmas piglet staying warm

Christmas piglet joining the table

A man and his dog

Vungu-Vungu Melkerij

white man's diary cattle

African beef cattle

have bow & arrows, will travel

African village

African goats

African mealies

Kavango Kaisosie church

Kaisosie church

Kaisosie church

Kavango river baptism

Kavango river baptism

1986, Kavango river life

Kavango river bands of color

Kavango river laundry day

more colors

teak trees at nightfall

Kavango Kingfisher

South Aricans boating on the Kavango

Angola beloved

Christmas in Rundu

Caprivi immer gerade aus nach Osten

Caprivi trip, 500km east to Katima

east to Katima, south to Botswana

Caprivi fuel station

Caprivi 1980's dirt roads

Caprivi road to progress

251km to Katima

1987, Caprivi, wild elephant

Caprivi, Quando river

Caprivi at 45'C in the shade

stop following us

Road to nowhere (Katima)


Caprivi snake bird

another kind of fuel

the great Zambezi

Caprivi, Katima house

Caprivi, Katima golf club

trying to drown out the hippo belches

wailing all night across the Zambezi: a child eaten by crocs

unaware of lurking dangers

1987, border patrol between SWA/Zambia/Zimbabwe

pet crocodiles

Katima, at cousin Esmeralda's house

modern amenities in the heart of Africa

SAAF city

1987, Katima, cousin Esmeralda

Bagani Falls, before the delta

Bagani falls, Okavango river's last stand

Caprivi, Chingue village

1987, Caprivi, at Umbukushu, Erasmus family

Caprivi, steenbok

Caprivi, Baobab 'upside-down' tree

1987 Etosha Wildtuin, one of the oldest parks in the world



Etosha bull elephant

a certain curve of horn

the famed unicorn

Namibia identity: Black with white stripes, or white with black?


jackal finishing off a bully elephant

giraffe in Etosha salt pan



juffer cranes

Nein, nein, I say 'all togezzer'!

Lion' in wait

the desert bites, sticks, or stings


More online background reading on South West Africa

Report: 'Expedition to Ovampoland', Ch7, P79, 1850, Francis Galton

Report: 'Narrative of an Explorer in South Africa' (includes 'visit to Damaraland in 1851'), 1890, by Francis Galton

Article - Germans in northern SWA - Kooperation und Konfrontation am Kavango 1891-1921 Andreas Eckl (auf Deutch, in German, pdf, 1.5MB)

a 1915 write-up of South West Africa, by William Eveleigh, on Climate, Flora, Fauna, People

The Native Tribes of South West Africa' by CHL Hahn, L. Foure, H. Vedder (English, 1928)

South West Africa tribal history - 'die BergDama' - Heinrich Vedder (German, 1923)

Article - South-West Africa -The Factual Background (English) 1946 pdf, 1.6MB)

the Dorsland Trek and Grootfontein

South West Africa first-issue Stamps

the Dorsland Trek shown on a SWA stamp

South-West Africa - 1989 Stamps 4.1 Mines & Minerals

South-West Africa - 1980 Stamps Animals

South-West Africa Stamps- History - Towns

South-West Africa Stamps - Flora & Fauna

South-West Africa Stamps - Native and European Cultures

South-West Africa Stamps - Tourism & Exports

South-West Africa Stamps- Windhoek Luderitz Hentiesbaai

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