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This page has links to the Madeiran roots and history of the exodus

Madeiran Genealogy

Roque-Rodrigues family tree, Madeira & Angola

Roque-Rodrigues family pictures in Angola

Search Madeira Archives - Marriages, Baptisms

Causes of Madeiran exodus, 1850s - 1880s

Religious persecution during the 19th century on Madeira, by Rev. WM Blackburn (pdf, 655kb)

Apostles of Madeira, M.P. Testa and Robert Kalley (pdf, 215kb)

Southern Angola Blog (in Portuguese)- Arrival of the Madeirans in 1884, subject to harsh conditions - Use Google translator

Health study of Madeiran diaspora to Angola in 1884, by Cristina Bastos, 2005 (pdf, 126kb)

1884-85 Early monument in Lubango to perished Madeirans

Madeiran exodus to the West, 1850's

Buy/Read:'the Wolf of Scotland' about doctor Robert Reid Kalley in Madeira (religious persecution)

Madeiran exiles, tricked into taking (abolished slavery's) sugar cane jobs in Trinidad, welcomed by churches in Illinois

Madeiran exiles to Illinois in 1840s

Madeiran exiles, 'the Portuguese of the West Indies' Genealogy search page

Madeiran exiles, 'the Portuguese of the West Indies' Marriages among the Presbyterians page 1846-49

Madeiran exiles to Trinidad: articles, extracts and lists

Madeiran surnames page (closed, but with useful Q/A info)

Article related to the 1850 Madeira Exiles to Illinois

Brief summary related to the 1850 Madeira Exiles to Springfield Illinois

Exodus to Angola in 1884

Read the great story of the Madeiran trek of 1884 (in)to Angola by Fernando Rodrigues da Costa

Portuguese blog: Southern Angola and the arrival of the Madeirans in 1884

TudosobreAngola (in Port.)- pictures of early southern Angola

A history of the founding of Lubango by Madeirans

Short Description of Boers in Southern Angola (Lubango area)

Pictures of Boers in Southern Angola, settling near and working with Madeirans

Angola map ca. 1900 before the Benguela railway construction

Angola map 1912 showing Benguela railway

1880s Madeirans travel up the Angola Escarpment to Lubango

Colonist's guides to Africa (Portuguese, use Google Translator.)

NEW 1891 Colonists guide to Africa Intro, CH1 (Portuguese)

NEW 1891 Colonists guide to Cabo Verde ,Guine, Sao Thome E Principe CH2 (Portuguese)

NEW 1891 Colonists guide to Angola, CH2 (Portuguese)

NEW 1891 Colonists guide to Mocambique, CH2 (Portuguese)

NEW 1891 Colonists guide to Africa, subject Hygene CH3 (Portuguese)

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