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Outdoor and Hunting Songs

***NEW*** Outdoor songs from the Junior Song book, 1900

t'Is the last Rose of Summer

Summer comes with Cheer and Gladness, Handel

Catch the Sunshine

Escape from the City

Golden Sunshine Lend Thy Glory

Outdoor songs from 1906 Glee Club Song book

A Hunting We Will Go

the Hunter's Delight

The Huntsmens Farewell by Mendelsohn

Hunters Song

Civil War song: Tenting on the old camp ground

the Woodland Concert

the Cuckoo

Breeze of the Night


Beim Sonnenuntergang - Sunset, by Grieg

Gently fall the Dews of Eve, Il Guramento

Breeze of the Night

Lovely Night

Stars of the Summer Night

***NEW*** Outdoor songs from 1941 Camper's Hymnal

Tenting on the old Campground


It's Morning in my Heart

Theres a Rainbow Somewhere


Now the Day is Over

Softly now the light of Day

The Day is Dying in the West

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