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Sheetmusic from Academy Songbook 1912

School Songs Sheetmusic from Academy Songbook, pdf file 4.6MB:

Index School and College Songs from the Academy Songbook (PartII)


Alma Mater

Adelphi, Class of 1896

Amherst School Song - Sing Tangent, CoTangent

Yea Alabama

University of of Arkansas - Alma Mater

Bowdoin School Song, 1858 - The Land of Memory

Bucknell - Alma Mater 1886

University of Buffalo - Alma Mater

University of Buffalo - Bison is King

University of Buffalo - Marching Song

University of Buffalo - Student Song

Cal State University - Alma Mater

Far Above Cayuga's Waters - Cornell, 1906

Cornell Alma Mater (tune Amici)

Eton Boating Song

Eton School Song - Vale


Germantown Academy - Alma Mater 1882

Gettysburg College

Sons of Georgetown.

Harrow School Song - Five Hundred Faces

Harrow School Song - Byron lay dreaming

Harrow School Song Down - the Hill

Harrow School Song - Forty Years On - Football Song

Harrow School Song - in the Days of Old

Harrow School Song - October

Harrow School Song - Saint Joles

Harrow School Song - Source of Song

Harrow School Song - Underneath the Briny Sea

Harrow School Song - Willow the King

Harvard - Questions and Answers - 1829

Fair Harvard

Kent State - Hail Thee - Alma Mater

Marretta - Alma Mater

University of Minnesota , Rouser 1905

Hail Minnesota 1905

University of Missouri - Alma Mater

Missouri Southern State University - Alma Mater

North Carolina State - Alma Mater

NY University - the Palisades

Ohio - Alma Mater

Princeton Song - Old Nassau

Princeton Song - the Orange and Black

Reading Song - the Orange and Black

Rensselaer - Alma Mater 1913>

The Schoolhouse and the Flag

Smith College - Oh fairest Alma Mater, 1936

Ubi bene, Ibi Patria - German Student Song

Williams College Song - the Mountains

the Mountains - Williams College

Winchester School Song - Dolce Domum

On Wisconsin !

Yale - 'Neath the Elms

Yale School Song - Eli Yale

Graduation Song


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Sheetmusic from the Glee Club Song Book 1906

Fair Harvard

Going to Skip College

Rounds Toasts and Singing Yells

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