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The impact of revivals on society

the rapture / (opname)

Holy Land Archeology

Middle East History

Holy Land History

Persecution of the Jews

Memorable Quotes

Holy Land Maps

Shema Hear o Israel (by Adrian Snell, 1980)

Amazing Grace

The most performed song of all (3500+): Amazing Grace (YouTube)

'Amazing Grace' by Glen Campbell on Pipes (MP3)

'Amazing Grace' by Rob Crabtree on Pipes (MP3)

'Amazing Grace' on Church Organ by Gert van Hoef, St.Laurenskerk (MP3)

'Amazing Grace' by Andre Rieux Pipeband (MP3)

'Amazing Grace' by the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (MP3)

'Amazing Grace' by guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel, Live at St Louis (MP3)

'Amazing Grace' by David Phelps a Capella (MP3)

'Amazing Grace' by BJ Thomas and Glen Campbell (YT)

'Amazing Grace' Pipes on Memorial Day (YouTube), the saddest

Bijbelstudies (ca. 30 a 40 min per stuk)

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Romeinen (Steenhuis, 2007, WAV):

1 Romeinen 1v1-7: Geroepenen

2 Romeinen 1v8-23: Uit het geloof tot het Geloof

3 Romeinen 1v24-32: de Waarheid vervangen

4 Romeinen 2v1-16: Moraalridders ontmaskerd

5 Romeinen 2v17-3v8: De wet is de Here zelf

6 Romeinen 3v9-31: Rechtvaardigheid door geloof

7 Romeinen 4v1-25: Geloof in Christus

8 Romeinen 5v1-11: staan in Genade

9 Romeinen 5v12-6v14: de dood overwonnen

10 Romeinen 6v15-23: koper, hout, zilver

11 Romeinen 7v1-26: de wet, God's norm

12 Romeinen 8v1-30 vrijheid door de Geest

13 Romeinen 8v31-39 God is voor ons

14 Romeinen 9v1-5 Verkiezing van Israel

15 Romeinen 9v6-10 Gerechtigheid uit geloof

16 Romeinen 11: Heil uit de heidenen

17 Romeinen 12v1-8: Toewijding aan God

18 Romeinen 12v9-H13: Onderlinge liefde

19 Romeinen 14v1-23: Verdraagzaamheid

meer 'downloads' van o.a. Steenhuis en vele anderen

meer 'downloads' van o.a. Steenhuis en anderen

de Toekomst (Steenhuis, 2001, WAV):

de Toekomst 1/5 - de Toekomst - Math 24 / 1Cor 10:11 / Ef 1:19+

de Toekomst 2/5 - Jeruzalem - Zach 12

de Toekomst 3/5 - Israel God's Oogappel - Deut 32:10 Zach 2:8 Gen 26:15

de Toekomst 4/5 - de Gemeente heeft haar Hemelvaart - 2Thes2

de Toekomst 5/5 - de Verdrukking - Openb 13, Deut 6:4

Jeremia (Ouweneel), Christus in het Oude Testament, MP3:

Jeremia 23: De Rechtvaardige Spruit

Jeremia 30 & 31: David hun Koning

Jeremia 33: Mijn knecht David

meer 'downloads' van o.a. Ouweneel

Joodse kijk op het boek Exodus (Steffens), het Verlossingsmotief, MP3:

1A Exodus: Intro

1B Exodus: de Thora

2A Exodus: heet "Namen' in Hebreeuws, Babylon Zie ook *** 12 stammen kaart ***

2B Exodus: de geest van Babylon, Magog, vrouwen in de verlossingslijn

3A Exodus: o.a. Hebreeuws alfabet, Lied van Moses

3B Exodus: o.a. oordelen in Egypte vs. Openbaring, viering van Pesach (Ps 113-118)

4A Exodus: o.a. Eenheid in de gemeente, Thora als heenwijzing naar Christus, Isaac als profetisch figuur

4B Exodus: o.a.Seder maaltijd, betekenis van plagen, verlossing.

Zie ook *** 1938 Evian-les-Bains Conference ***

meer 'downloads' op Peter Steffens website

Ezechiel (Ouweneel), Christus in het Oude Testament, MP3:

1. Ezechiel 1: de Mens op de troon

2. Ezechiel 17: het Cedertwijgje

3. Ezechiel 21: de Rechthebber

4. Ezechiel 34: de Goede Herder

5. Ezechiel 37: de Eeuwige Vorst

meer 'downloads' van o.a. Ouweneel

'Jozef, een type van Christus (Zoeklicht, 2018)

alle Bijbelse verwijzingen naar Sion

Amazing Old Testament discoveries / Interessante oud-testamentische vondsten door Ron Wyatt (YouTube, English):

1. de uittocht uit Egypte, en de echte berg Sinai in Arabia (Exodus and Mt Sinai) (as in Gal 4) (YouTube)

2. de ark van Noach / Noah's Ark found (YouTube)

3. Sodom & Gomorrah gevonden / found (YouTube)

Revivals and their impact on Society (aducation, elderly care, hosptials, temparance, ending child labor, anti-slavery etc)

RC Sproul powerful thoughts on naturalism (Audio)

more on Sproul and Ligonier ministries (Podcasts)

more on Sproul and Ligonier ministries (listen via iTunes)

Genesis (Dr Chuck Missler:

Genesis Session 1 - An introduction

Genesis Session 2 - Day One

Genesis Session 3 - The Second Day

Genesis Session 4 - The Third Day

Genesis Session 5 - The Fourth Day

Genesis Session 6 - The Fifth Day

Genesis Session 7 - The Sixth Day

Genesis Session 8 - The Seventh Day

Search: 26 Genesis session in all

Adrian Rogers on New Age:

Adrian Rogers on New Age, explaining gender confusion, environmentalism, self-determination

The Day of the Lord - Rapture (John McArthur, Engels Audio):

Deel 1 - 1Thess4:14-18/5:1-2

Deel 2 - 1Thess5:3,John 14,1Cor15

Deel 3 - 1Thess5:3

de Opname/ the Rapture Explained (Joseph Prince, Engels):

Joseph Prince - the Rapture explained, part1 Audio

Joseph Prince - the Rapture explained, part2 Audio

English article: Defense of the pretrib rapture, J Hart

English: more pre-trib articles


(David Jeremiah, Engels):

Tour of Prophecy





the Great Tribulation

The Great Tribulation2

The Fifth Trumpet: Hell on Earth (Pt 1)

The Fifth Trumpet: Hell on Earth (Pt 2)

The Sixth Trumpet: Hell on Earth (Pt 1)

The Sixth Trumpet: Hell on Earth (Pt 2)

The Divine interlude (Pt1)

The Divine interlude (Pt2)

The Two Witnesses (Pt1)

The Two Witnesses (Pt2)

Woe to Earth, Worship in Heaven (Pt1)

Woe to Earth, Worship in Heaven (Pt2)

War in Heaven (Pt1)

War in Heaven (Pt2)

Satan’s fall from Heaven (Pt1)

Satan’s fall from Heaven (Pt2)

The Beast from the Sea, (Pt1)

The Beast from the Sea, (Pt2)

The Beast from the Earth (Pt1)

The Beast from the Earth (Pt2)

The Lamb and 144000 (Pt1)

The Lamb and 144000 (Pt2)

Two Hundred mile of bloodshed (Pt1, Rev 14))

Two Hundred mile of bloodshed (Pt2, Rev 14))

The Seven Angels with the Seven Vials (Pt1)

The Seven Angels with the Seven Vials (Pt2)

The Earth’s worst days (Pt1 Rev 16)

The Earth’s worst days (Pt2 Rev 16)

The End of World Religion (Pt1)

The End of World Religion (Pt2)

The Collapse of World Markets (Pt1)

The Collapse of World Markets (Pt2)

The Marriage Super of the Lamb (Pt1)

The Marriage Super of the Lamb (Pt2)

The Second Coming of Christ (Pt1)

The Second Coming of Christ (Pt2)

The Thousand year Reign of Christ (Pt1)

The Thousand year Reign of Christ (Pt2)

The Great White Throne Judgement (Pt1)

The Great White Throne Judgement (Pt2)

A New Heaven and Earth (Pt1)

A New Heaven and Earth (Pt2)

What will we do in Heaven? (Pt1)

What will we do in Heaven? (Pt2)

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John F Strombeck (Eng):

Buy 'Opname der Gemeente' / 'First the Rapture' by Strombeck

lees logisch betoog/ read 'First the Rapture' by JP Strombeck - Foreword by Warren Wiersbe (Eng, pdf 3.7 MB)

'Disciplined by Grace' John F Strombeck on Mohamedanism - Islam (Eng, pdf)

An excellent Overview of Pretribulational arguments, by Mark Hitchcock (Eng, pdf)

kerkdiensten /studies / preken:


Zoeklicht diensten

Vergadering diensten

Dato Steenhuis - de Toekomst

Preken Veenendaal Baptisten

Preken Jozua Alblasserdam

online diensten Bethel gemeente

preken wijlen Joop Schotanus

Verwante Studie sites

meer (audio) studies, internet Bijbelschool

English: Grace Evangelical Society free resources

Some Middle-East History:

Josephus timeline and description of the destruction of Jerusalem 70AD - 'not one stone left on another'

Giant cities of Bashan (Modern Golan, formerly 'East Manasseh')

Youtube: Hatikvah, de hoop van 2000 jaar / Hope of 2000 years (Sheetmusic here)

40 kaarten van het midden oosten / 40 maps of middle east history

Palestine or Israel?

a Palestinian's view of Palestine

Jeruzalem deel 3 (Zoeklicht 2017), Wim van Thes: 'Vanwaar islamitische claim op Jeruzalem? '

Jeruzalem (Zoeklicht 2018): 'Waarom woeden de heidenvolken' (Ps2, 'Why do nations conspire?')

2000 years of Muslim and Catholics Persecution of Jews:

Wikipedia: Timeline of several millennia of persecutions of Jews

the Wikipedia list of persecutions in Excel, with Filter/Sort codes on location & type of persecution:





forced exile

religious decrees


(to sort: pls remove checked 'blanks' in top Cell to select specific 'events')

Some examples from rational Europe:

1021AD: A violent earthquake occurs, which some Greeks maintain is caused by a desecration of Jesus by the Jews. For this a number of Roman Jews are burnt at the stake

1349AD: Zurich: 600 Jews are burned at the stake and the entire Jewish community of Zurich is annihilated as a part of the Black Death Jewish persecutions.

1365AD:Jews of Lorraine are expelled after their presence is cited as the cause of lightning strikes which destroyed twenty-two houses.

Rulers of the holy land

"We will feast in the house of Zion", a beautiful Millennial song by Sandra McCracken

Memorable Quotes

"We must always remember that a nation without God is no longer 'a nation under God', but 'a nation gone under'" (Ronald Reagan)

"We have been created body, soul, and spirit. We live in our bodies. The soul comprises our emotions, will, and feelings, that is who we are. Our spirit is that part of us that communicates with our Creator, who desires our bodies to be Healthy, our souls to be Happy and our spirits to be Holy (after Heb 4:12 which states 'God's Word is a two-edged-sword, that separates the soul from the spirit' , Adrian Rogers).

"The separation of church and state in the US was insisted upon by the church, against the intrusive powers of the state, and acknowledged by Thomas Jefferson in 1802 in writing to the Danbury Baptist Association"

Blaise Pascal (1623-1662): "Those who lead disorderly lives tell those who are normal that it is they who deviate from nature. They think they are following nature themselves, just as those who are on board ship think that the people who are on the shore are moving away"

Blaise Pascal (1623-1662): "Language is the same everywhere. We need a fixed point to judge it. When everyone is moving toward depravity, no one seems to be moving. But if someone stops, he shows up the others, who are rushing on, by acting as a fixed point."

Philosopher Bertrand Russell (1872-1970): "Atheists must build their lives on the basis of unyielding despair"

Author G.K. Chesterton (1874-1936): "When man ceases to believe in God, he doesn't believe in 'nothing', he believes in 'anything'."

A philospher's view, by Jean Paul Sartre (1905-1980): "No finite point in this world has any meaning without an infinite reference point."

An atheist's view, by Philospher Jacques Derrida (1930-2004): "We must reject ultimate meaning or purpose. There is no transcendental signifier (no infinite reference point)"

"Many of American higher institutions were founded as Christian institutes of education: in 1636 Harvard was founded to train Puritan clergy. In 1636 Boston Latin school was founded by Puritan Rev John Cotton from Boston, Lincolnshire, England, in whose honor the town of Boston, MA was named. Likewise, Yale was founded in 1701 to train Congregational ministers, and Princeton (whose first president was Rev. John Edwards) was founded in 1746 to train Presbyterian minsters. Dartmouth College was founded in 1755 to train Native Americans as missionaries." (Alistair Begg)

"The axe of the skeptic's infidelity has not felled the tree of the believer's inspiration" (Adrian Rogers)

"The First Law of Thermodynamics, acknowledged by all of science, states that energy cannot be created or destroyed." Rudolf Clausius

"The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that the state of entropy (state of disorder) of the entire universe, as an isolated system, will always increase over time. The second law also states that the changes in the entropy in the universe can never be negative." The father of thermodynamics, Nicholas Carnot

"One of the most shocking discoveries of the last century is, that the universe is finite", Chuck Missler

"In thermodynamics, as entropy increases, and temperatures in the universe drop and even out (as they must), no more work is possible in the universe."

Dr. Chuck Missler: "All branches of science lean on the First Law of Thermodynamics ('you never win') and Second Law of Thermodynamics ('you always lose'), with the exception of biology. But even in biology, every mutation is a loss of genetic material, never a gain."

"Research of 'Building energy utilization' is founded on the observable and reliable principles of thermal sciences. Such engineers quite often need confidence in the literal accuracy of the Genesis account, while others educated in many other disciplines are quite satisfied to take it as an allegory", Stanley Mumma, "in Six "Days", p321, Ed. by Ashton

"The definition of Science is based on two things: observable and repeatable events in the present"

"Languages do not come from nothing, and they deteriorate with the passing of time."

Sir William Jones, a Welsh philologist and judge of the supreme court of Bengal In 1786: “The Sanskrit language, whatever be its antiquity, is of a wonderful structure; more perfect than the Greek, more copious than Latin, and more exquisitely refined than either, yet bearing to both a stronger affinity, both in the roots of verbs and the forms of grammar, than could possibly have been produced by accident; so strong indeed, that no philologer could examine them all three, without believing them to have sprung from some common source, which, perhaps, no longer exists.”

"If we all came from a primordial soup, where did the primordial soup come from?" (Adrian Rogers)

"If something can come from nothing by an act of creation, where did something come from out of nothing, without an act of creation?" (R Zacharias)

"The theory of evolution (i.e defined as theory = 'unwitnessed' and 'unproven', factors which by the definition of science prevents it from becoming 'scientific law') holds not only that a universe came out of nothing, that required chemicals came out of nothing, that the well-ordered physical laws of nature 'arranged' themselves, that our world's temperate life-supporting conditions are a matter of pure chance, but that life itself came out of non-life'.

"The theory of evolution holds not only that life on earth came out of nothing, but that the essence of life, man's digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, immune and nervous systems, sensory capabilities (irreducibly complex hearing, touch, vision, and proprioceptive (place) orientation), and his powerful brains, all came out of nothing, and that we have learned to propagate all these specialisations into live offspring - out of nothing.

"What happened in the 'millions and millions of years' that species did not know how to propagate?'.

"An eye has 100,000,000 light sensors detecting light/dark, motion and color, which by way of 1,000,000 neural connection form images in the brain'. "In Six Days", ed. by Ashton

"if an eye has say 40 components that all haved to work together (irreducable complexity), how could the theory of evolution allow these non-functional parts, while developing, to remain, when the theory says they will be discarded?'. "In Six Days", ed. by Ashton

"The theory of evolution holds that not only the universe and life on earth came out of nothing, like nations and languages (grammar and alphabet), but that self-awareness, consciousness (the physical brain is not the same as the conscious mind), conscience, our awareness of God, our varied emotions and incredible instincts all came out of nothing".

"The story of creation, which elevates conscience above materal interests, provides the basic rationale for free social, economic and political institutions" (C Mitchell, "In Six Days", p319, ed. Ashton)

"In fact, I have come to learn that science owes its very existence and rationale to the claims of Scripture". Kurt Wise, "In Six Days", p354, ed. by Ashton

"Just as all great Western universities were founded as Christian institutes of learning (Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth, Oxford, Cambridge, Leuven, Leiden), so many great scientists of the last 400 years after the Reformation believed in a God of orderly creation (Galileo, Pascal, Boyle, Kepler, Newton, van Leeuwenhoek, Linneaus, Volta, Faraday, Babbage, Maxwell, Maury, Hertz, Pasteur, Mendel, Einstein)"

Evolutionist author and biologist Michael Denton wrote: " If molecular proof had existed 100 years ago, the theory of evolution would have never taken off", ('Evolution: A Theory in Crisis', 1985).

Charles Darwin: "My theory is perfectly alright, it's the facts that are all messed up."


Charles Darwin: "If fish grew legs once, there should be millions of fossils of intermediate links with useless developing legs sticking out, but the fact that they are absent is the weak point of my theory".

Adam Sedgewick, Geology Prof at Cambridge, 1861, on Darwin's 'Origin of Species': "From first to the last it is a dish of rank materialism cleverly cooked up. And why is this done? For no other reason, I am sure, except to make us independent of a Creator".

"The great underlying principle of modern geology is known as the principle of uniformitarianism (which holds that geomorphic processes in the past can be observed in action at the present, such as erosion, sedimentation, glaciation, volcanism, diastrophism (folding and mountain forming), all operating essentially in the same fashion as at the present)." W.D. Thornbury

"Under the leadership of Scottish pioneers James Hutton and Charles Lyell, they advanced the principles of uniformitarianism, and spurned the Scriptural concept of catastrophism". Rhodes W. Fairbridge, 'The changing levels of the sea', Scientific American, 1960

"The second principle of historic geology is that of organic evolution (simpler to more complex forms of fossilized life in sequence during the Paleocene)". Morris/Whitcomb, 'The Genesis Flood'

"Paleogeography is anything but an exact science, largely owing to our limited knowledge and also subjective interpretation, and moreover, there is also the danger of circular argument", E.I. White, Encyclopedia Brittanica, 1956, p168, vol10

"It cannot be denied that from a strcitly philosophical standpoint, geologists are arguing in a circle. The succession of organisms has been determined by a study of their remains embedded in the rocks, and the relative ages of the rocks are determined by the age of organisms they contain", R.E Rastall, 'Geology', Encyclopedia Brittanica, 1956, p168, vol10

(On volcanism) "The Columbia Plateau is a tremendous lava plateau of incredible thickness covering about 200,000 square miles. The Canadian Shield consists of granite and igneous rokcs or over 2 million square miles. The principle of uniformitarianism breaks down completely at this point of geologic interpretation. Some manifestation of catastrophic action alone is sufficient". Morris/Whitcomb, 'The Genesis Flood'

(On Earth Movements) "The most conspicuous and perhaps the most significant structural features of the face of the earth are the great belts of folded mountains, like those of the Himalayas, the Andes, the Urals, and the Appalachians, the so-called orogenic belts. Along these long and narrow zones, great thicknesses of predominantly marine sediments have been squeezed together and thrust upon the another to form highly elongated folds with axes essentially parallel to that of the belt". W.H. Bucher, 'Fundamental Properties of Orogenetic Belts'

"All the present mountain ranges of the world were uplifted within the most recent eras of geological history (Pleistocene, or late Pliocene at the earliest). This again bears very heavily against the notion of uniformity". "It is significant that geologic and Paleontologic data seems to prove that man existed when deposits were being laid down, which are now found capping mountains". Morris/Whitcomb, 'The Genesis Flood'

(On Contiental Ice Sheets) "Some 4,000,000 square miles of North America, 2,000,000 square miles or more of Europe, and as yet little known but possibly comparable area in Siberia were glaciated. In addition, many lesser areas were covered by local ice caps. Thousands of valley glaciers existed in mountains where today there are either no glaciers or small ones." W.D Thornbury,'Principles of Geomorphology', p134

(On sedimentation) "By far the largest part of sedimentary rocks are aqueous in origin, laid down by moving water in "deltaic", "lacustrine", "lagoonal' or other environments. The basic geographical environments are subdivided, based on tectonic activity at the time. The tectonic basis of classification is actually non-uniformitarian in principle." Morris/Whitcomb, 'The Genesis Flood'

"the problem of the uplift of large plateau areas ('like Tibet: 750,000sq miles uplifted 3 miles, Colorado (incl the Grand Canyon, the High Plains plateaus, all with perfeclty horizontal sediment layers almost untouched by erosion') is one that has puzzled students of the Earth's crust for a very long time", George C. Kennedy

"How to account for the source area from which these great volumes of sediments (geosynclines of 4 to 12km deep) have been eroded, the (mechanism of) continued subsidence, and how to account for the uplift and deformation of these geosynclines to form the present mountains ranges. None of these questions has yet been solved on the basis of uniformity" Morris/Whitcomb, 'The Genesis Flood'

(On the many fossil graveyards) "Many well preserved frozen specimens have been found, with estimates of Mammoths as high as 5,000,000 buried along the coast line of northern Siberia and into Alaska. Abundant remains of other animals have been found, especially of the rhinceros, bear, horse, and other mammals'. Morris/Whitcomb, 'The Genesis Flood'

"Robert Broom, the South African paleoontologist, estimated that there are eight hundred thousand million skeletons of vertrebrate animals in the Karoo formation." N.O. Newell, "Adequacy of the Fossil Record", Journal of Paleontology, Vol33. 1959

"When a fish dies, it is devoured rather quickly. Yet entire shoals of preserved fossil fish over large areas, numbering in the billions of specimens, are found in a state of agony, but with no mark of scavenger or attack." Velikovsky, 'Earth in Upheaval', NewYork, 1955

"There are many such examples of fossil graveyards: LaBrea Pit in Los Angeles which have yielded tens of thousands of specimens, the Sicilian hippopotamus beds (so extensive they were mined for commercial charcoal), the great mammal beds of the Rockies, the dinosaur beds of the Black Hills and the Rockies, as well as the Gobi Desert, and the astounding fish beds of the Scottish Devonian strata and so on". Morris/Whitcomb, 'The Genesis Flood'

"It is not easy to imagine any kind of "uniform' process by which this conflagration of modern and extinct fishes, birds, reptiles, mammals, insects and plants could have been piled together and preserved for posterity". Morris/Whitcomb, 'The Genesis Flood'

"Despite the dating of geological formations in reference to long-extinct animals,which are thus not found in the more recent formations, lately there have been finds of living fossils: trilobites-like animals of 350million years ago, mollusks of 240million years ago, deep-water coelacanths of 135million years ago, and apparent human tracks in the same formations as dynosaurs of reported 65million years ago". Morris/Whitcomb, 'The Genesis Flood'

"Uniformitarianism, in other words, has simply been assumed, not proved. Catastrophism has simply been denied, not refuted". Morris/Whitcomb, 'The Genesis Flood'

"If there was a world wide flood, we would expect to find many animal graveyards with numerous drowned animals. Well, that is exactly what we find". (Ken Hamm)

"All giant oil and gas deposits are found in rivers basins or lake beds (Persian Gulf, North Sea, Prudhoe Bay, Amazon, Gulf of Mexico, Niger river, Permian basin, etc)"

"Scientists claim Mars was once covered by water, but there is no evidence of water now. Yet they deny the earth was covered by water, when 70% of the earth is still covered by it". (Adrian Rogers)

"Coal (solid), oil (liquid), and natural gas (gas) are remains of huge amounts of buried vegatable matter, which formed under high pressure and temperature after being covered by waterborne sediments"

"If evolution were true, death and suffering were always there; they are not the result of sin. So what meaning has Jesus death?" (Don Batten, "In Six Days", p374, ed. by Ashton)

"All known life comes from previous life. There is no scientific record whatsoever of life coming from nothing."

"A single cell consists of such complexity so as to contain enough data storage to contain the 30 vollumes of Encyclopedia Britanica 3 or 4 times over", evolutionist Richard Dawkins

"A single cell is a more complex machine than anything man has ever built". (In six days, by Ashton)

"The human body contains 60 trillion cells".

"Only enzymes produce pure aimno acids and sugars necessary for life, but enzyme manufacture requires a living cell. Life is based on life" (Don Batten, "In Six Days", p376, ed. by Ashton)

"Every cell mutation is an error, with subsequent loss of DNA".

"Theistic evolution is an oxymoron: if it is evolution, then God has nothing to do with it. If it is God, then it is not evolution". (Don Batten, "In Six Days", p375, ed. by Ashton)

"But from the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female." (Jesus in Mark 10:6)

"All human beings have one thing in common: they come from one father and one mother"

"God as Creator of space, matter and time must Himself exist outside these dimensions" (R Zacharias)

"Evolutionists claim birds came from dinosaurs, but they are in no way alike and bird fossils are older than those of dinosaurs. Even the oldest known book on earth says birds were created before the animals."

"Evolution is not a bird growing a specialized beak: that is adaptation where many die off due to starvation, and some remain (= loss of DNA and diversity = devolution)'.

"An evolutionist will look for it on Mars, but cannot find life in the womb" (Adrian Rogers)

"What supposedly took millions of years in the past, took only a few years on Mount St Helens"

"I grew up believing in this Myth of Evolution and have felt it perfect grandeur. Let no one say we are no unimaginitive. But if the Myth asks us to believe that the mind and reason are unforeseen and unintended byproducts of a mindless process, it also knocks out from under me the only ground I have to believe the Myth: if my own mind is the product of the irrational, how can I believe it when it tells me about evolution?" CS Lewis.

"Jesus gave a philosophical 'fruit' test of false teaching: Naturalism supports Materialism, Humanism and Pantheism. Materialism means chemical and physical processes determine everything. Humanism means man is self-sufficient, solving all his difficulties. In Pantheism, 'nature' replaces God. Their acceptance means less value on human life (increasing support for abortion and euthanasia). Racism becomes justifiable (National-Socialist doctrine). Marriage is discouraged (more divorce and alternatives). Morals are on the decrease, might is right ('Survival of the fittest')". George Hawke, 'in Six Days', p349, ed. by Ashton

Just how many eons/periods/ages of evolution does Jesus allow for, when he says in Mark 10:6: "But at the beginning of creation God made them male and female"?

"All the finds of so-called 'early human ancestors' easily fit in one coffin (though the resulting speculations may not)"

"If the first Adam brought sin and death into to world, and Jesus as 'the second Adam' conquered sin and death, how did billions of beings die in order to mutate into Adam?" (Rom 5 :15)

"One sin brought death to many, one death brought life to many" (Rom 5 :17)

"if 'scientific fact' is the proving of observable and repeatable events, how can the current Pope Francis as head of the Catholic church, profess to believe in the unprovable theory of evolution?"

"I don't have enough faith to be an atheist", Norman L. Geisler

"People like us who believe in physics, know that the distinction betweeen the past, the present, and the future, is only a stubbornly persistent illusion", Albert Einstein, on the created dimension of 'time'

"the Big Bang 'collection of views' is simple: first there was nothing, then it exploded", Chuck Missler on 'Genesis'

"Cosmology is a field of interest, not a field of science: it is not subject to empirical verification", Chuck Missler on 'Genesis'

"No physical reality can explain its own existence, they have to go outside of themselves", R Zacharias

"Whenever you find intelligibility and specified complexity, you will always see intelligence behind it", R Zacharias

"You will never be convinced that a dictionary developed because of an explosion in a printing press, why is that? Because of the nature of intelligibility of language, such as a pre-existing alphabet and rules of grammer", R Zacharias

And what does the one eyewitness to the origin of man say about it? "The Lord stretches out the heavens, lays the foundation of the earth, and forms the human spirit within a person". Zech 12:1

When a Chinese scientist on the subject of the questions surrounding the suddenness of the pre-Cambrian explosion of life (as discovered in China in the 1980's), was asked at a seminar in the US, if China's (atheist) authoritarian rulers did not frown upon his questioning Darwinism, he responded: "in China, we can question Darwinism, but not the government. In the West, you can question the government, but not Darwinism" (ref. Dr. Stephen C. Meyer)

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse." Romans 1:20

"the Law demands: thou shalt (not), Grace supplies: I give you life abundantly" (Joseph Prince)

"the Law brings forth works, Grace brings forth morality" (Adrian Rogers)

"the Law forbids adultery, but Grace says to love your wife, which excludes adultery" (Joseph Prince)

"We all want grace for ourselves, but justice for everyone else" (Adrian Rogers)

"Mercy is NOT GETTING what we deserve, Grace is GETTING what we do NOT deserve" (Joseph Prince)

"Mercy is a pardon WITHOUT restitution: the offender goes free without his debt paid by the pardonner, Grace is a pardon WITH restitution: the offender's punishment is taken by the one extending grace"

"On the day of the Law, on Mt Sinai in Arabia, 3000 died. On the day of Pentecost, the day of Grace, 3000 were saved"

"After Law School, which fails everyone, comes Grace School, which fails no one" (Adrian Rogers)

"Now to the one who works, pay is not credited as a gift, but as something owed. However, to the one who does not work but trusts God who justifies the ungodly (by grace), their faith is credited as righteousness." (Rom4:4-5)

"For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God, not as a result of works, that no one should boast" (Eph2:8-9)

In 6AD, when Caesar Augustus turned Judea into a Roman province, Jews went onto the streets in sackcloth and ashes, shouting (after Jacob's blessing to his son Judah, Gen 49:10): 'the scepter has been taken from Judah, but Shiloh (the Messiah) has not come" (Babylonian Talmud)'

"To say there is evil in the world implies there is also good. To tell the difference, an objective reference is required". (R Zacharias)

"A philosopher has only one problem: he does not know where he comes from". (Francis Shaffer)

"Philosophy is a systematic misuse of a terminology specially invented for that purpose". (C. Tolman)

"Christianity is the only coherent faith system, that answers the four basic philosophical questions of life: origin, meaning, morality, and destiny" (R Zacharias)

"Feelings are not an objective measure of good and evil: some love their neighbors, others eat them". (R Zacharias)

"Hell has been created as the final destination, not for man, but for the devil and his demons".

"Humans have a choice: to live in the eternal presence of God, or to live in eternal separation from Him".

"Why would God force someone to be in heaven with Him, who has rejected Him all his life?"

"Theism is the belief in any God, god, or gods. A-theism is the converse: no belief in divine being(s).

"Atheism is but a temporary condition". (Rom.14:11)

"There are no atheists in foxholes", President Eisenhower

"For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that none should perish but have eternal life". (John 3:16)

"Jesus spoke more of hell than of heaven". (Adrian Rogers)

"All of Christ's disciples were teenagers"(except Peter who had to pay the over-20 tax, Matt 17:27). (Joseph Prince)

"To fear God means to fear nothing else, to not fear God means to fear everything else". (Oswald Chambers)

"When the devil comes knocking on your door, send Jesus to answer it".

"When the devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future". (Adrian Rogers)

Temporal thought: "Born once, Die twice; Born twice, Die once"

maps of the Holy Land 1500 - 1900

1586, Ortelius, 'Abrahams Wanderings and Life' - 'Abrahami patriachae peregrinatio et vita'

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