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Shema Hear o Israel (by Adrian Snell, 1980)

1582 Bunting's Clover Leaf Map

All nations will gather against Jerusalem (Zech12:3)

Terra Sancta, Canaan, Promised Land, 12 Tribes, Iudae et Israhel, Israel - Judea, Judea - Samaria - Galilee, Kingdom of Jerusalem, Mandate of Palestine, Land of Israel

This collection of maps of the Holy Land, crossroads of the world (the silk and spice routes) and continents (Africa, Asia and Europe), and an area with the longest mapping history in the world, covers here predominantly the period 1500 – 1900. The earliest maps built on the known world in Ptolemy's time, however limited, from which later map making traditions stem. While the subject is mostly the tribal distribution of the Holy Land as per Biblical promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the past and future, the embellishments are clearly from the age of enlightenment, as evidenced by the map makers beautiful cartouches from the period of 1600 to 1800, showing scenes of the Old Testament (Moses on Sinai, the Temple, Priests, the Ark), but also of Roman times in the New Testament (Jesus' crucifixion, Roman soldiers), before the Holy Land (ruled as part of the Roman province of Syria) was renamed 'Syria Palaestina' (ref. Ps 83:4) by the Romans in 135AD (after the non-Arab Philistines), some hundred years after Christ's death and resurrection. Jerusalem, city of peace, was also renamed 'Colonia Aelia Capitolina', named after the Roman cult of the Capitoline Triad (Jupiter, Juno and Minerva). To no avail, as todays maps testify.

John 3:14-15

The area, in particular the Christian Holy places, was of great interest to the Byzantines, and the subsequent Crusaders must have used maps to find their own way around from Europe. Suffering four hundred years of stagnation under the yoke of the mohamedan Ottomans, no geographical information was added to the subject of Palestine maps, since the land was a barren waste and largely uninhabited, and the population steady at 600K, as corroborated by many photos and travelogues below, until the modern age, when the names Judea, Samaria and Galilee, as the revived nation of Israel, are again in common use. This more 'recent' period of 1800 - 1900 is mostly represented by functional school atlas maps, without the embellishments that make the earlier maps so interesting, but often with insets of city maps of Jerusalem, that are similarly useful. A map of Jerusalem from the 1890's by the Schneller's Syrian Orphanage (with Armenian children from Syria) is exceptionally detailed.

Detailed Map of Jerusalem around the 1890s (60% of inhabitants were Jews by then!)

1928: Bagdad was the second largest Jewish city in the world (watercolor by Al Hischfeld)

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1535 Ortelius, Terra Sancta, Upside down map

1540, Sebastian Munster, Terra Sancta XVI Nova Tabula, HiRes

1540, Munster, Terra Sancta XVI Nova Tabula 'Ptolemy Geographia Universalis'

1545 Munster, Terra Sancta XXIII Nova Tabula - Upside Down Map, HiRes

1570 Ortelius Terra Sancta

1572 Ortelius, Terra Sancta from Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, Antwerp, HiRes

1581 H. Bunting, Holy Land, from Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae

1586, Ortelius, 'Abrahams Wanderings and Life' HiRes

1588, Munster, Das_Heilig_Lande mit der 12 Geschlechten, HiRes

1592, Ortelius, Heiliges Land Israel Palaestina

1632 Mercator Hondius, Holy Land

1632 Mercator Hondius, Holy Land, HiRes

1635 Willem Blaeu, Holy Land from 'Theatrum Orbis Terrarum', HiRes.jpg

1635, Ortelius (Christiano Schrot), Terra Sancta, with Jona and the Fish

1657, Visscher, De Gelegentheyt van 't Paradys ende 't Land Canaan

1659 Nicolaas Visscher, Holy Land

1679 Gulielmo Sanson, Israel et Iuda

1680 Frederik de Wit, Terra Sancta sive Promissiones

1680 Apostles and Paul's travels by N Visscher

1698 Teodor Dankerts, Holy Land

1698, Nouvelle Carte de la Terre Sainte, Judea Samaria

1699 Huberto Taillot, Iudaea seu Terra Sancta

1700 Gulielmo Sanson, Iudaea seu Terra Sancta Hebraeorum sive Israelitarum

1725 Seutter, Augsburg, the Holy Land

1730 Homann, Terra Sancta Iudaea sue Palestina Iuda Israel

1738 Wells, the Holy Land Israel Palestine

1750 Homann (Ferdinando), Map of Israel - Palestine - Holy Land - 12 Tribes, HiRes

1759 August_Vindel, map Holy Land and 12 Tribes, HiRes

1759, Ludovico Magno, Holy Land and 12 Tribes, HiRes

1763 brothers de L'isle, Terrae Sanctae Tabula

1791 R Bonne J Lattre, Twelve Tribes of Israel - Twaalfstammenrijk

1794 R Wilkinson, Canaan or the land of promise to Abraham

1849 Atlas Map of Ottoman Palestine by Alexander G. Findlay

1865 Spruner, Detailed map of the Holy Land, HiRes

1850 Ottoman Palestine / Holy Land

1891 Ottoman Palestine / Holy Land

1893 Ottoman Palestine / Holy Land

1897 Palestine part of Turkey / Holy Land

1903 Ottoman Palestine / Holy Land

1945 Palestine and (Trans)Jordan under British Mandate 1918-1948 / Holy Land

1740 Map of Johann Jacob Schmidt, 'Regni Israelitici', from the Nile to the Euphrates, ref. (Gen15:18, Ex23:31, Deut1:7, Deut11:24, Ez47, 48) Wikimedia category: Holy Land Maps Wikimedia category: Old Holy Land Maps Wikimedia category: Maps of the Holy Land

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Holy Land History:

the Hebrew Israelites possession= 1666 years

Babylonian occupation = 50 years

Persian occupation = 200 years

Greek Seleucids occupation = 200 years

Roman occupation = 300 years

Byzantine occupation = 300 Years

Ummyad/Abassid occupation = 460 years

Crusader occupation = 150 years

Mamluke occupation = 250 years

Turkish occupation = 400 years

British occupation = 30 years

>1948: the Hebrew Jews possession, and counting

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American Colony

1828-1980 History of the American Colony in Jerusalem

Early Holy Land Videos:

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1920s Video 'A Pilgrimage Through Palestine'

1930s Video 'Visit to the Holy Land'

1934 Video 'Tel Aviv' (founded 1909)

1935 Spielberg Archive 'Land of Promise' (58min)

1937 Spielberg Archive 'a Day in Degania' (founded 1909), 15min

1937 Spielberg Archive 'Glorious Galilee', 15min

1947 Video 'House in the Desert' (Hebrew, 45min)

1947 Video 'Portrait of Palestine' (by British Information Services, 17min)

1948 Video 'Israel Reborn'

1948 Video 'Israeli War of Independence', 10min

1948 Video 'Founding of Modern Israel', 12min

1950s Spielberg Archive 'Hadassim Children's Home' 17min

1950 Video 'Israel the labor of thy Hands'

1956 PanAm video 'Travel to Israel'

1961 Video 'Viaje a Israel' (by Kurt Wolf, No sound, 58min)

1961 Video Kibutz Tal Como Es Yehiam' (by B. Wolf, No sound, 19min)

1962 Video "Frank Sinatra to Israel'

1964 Video - Land of the Book (Ray Garner, 27min)

1964 Video - Kibbutz Daphna (Ray Garner, 25min)

1967 Video - Lighting War(s) of the Middle East (Hearst Metr. News, 14min)

1967 Video 'The Reasons Behind The Arab Defeat in 1967 War' part1, min10

1967 Video 'The Reasons Behind The Arab Defeat in 1967 War' part2, 10min

1967 Video 'The Reasons Behind The Arab Defeat in 1967 War' part3, 9min

1967 Video 'The Reasons Behind The Arab Defeat in 1967 War' part4, 9min

1967 Video 'The Reasons Behind The Arab Defeat in 1967 War' part5, 7min

1973 Yom Kippur war part 1/4, 10min

1973 Yom Kippur war part 2/4, 9min

1973 Yom Kippur war part 3/4, 9min

1973 Yom Kippur war part 4/4, 7min

L'Chaim, 2013 interview by Mark Golub with Jeffrey Gurock, 'Jews in America'

Alaska Air pilot Elgen M. Long, on the 1950/51 Yemenite airlift to Israel, 30min, author of 'On Eagles' Wings' (Ex.19:4)

Film by Michael Grynszpan about the 800,000+ Jews expelled from the Arab countries after 1948 'The Forgotten Refugees', abridged, 50min

L'Chaim 'Child of Buchenwald', 2016 interview by Mark Golub with Moshe Avital

L'Chaim 'We were like Dreamers', 2017 interview by Mark Golub with Yossi Klein Halevi

L'Chaim, 2018 interview by Mark Golub with Danny Ayalon, former Amb. to the US

Music from the Israel and NY Philharmonic Orchestras (YouTube)

'The Return of the Violin' (History of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra)

12 year-old Masha Marshon - the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, IPO, 2013)

'70 Years to Israel in Song and Melody' - the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, 2018)

Zubin Metha and Itzhak Perlman (Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, IPO, 2010)

'An evening of Cantoral Master Pieces' by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, 1991)

'a Yidische Mame' by cantor Meir Helfgot and Yitzchak Perlman

Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons' by Zuckerman and Mintz Perlman with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, 1983)

Beethoven by Itzhak Perlman with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, 2010)

'What is a Melody?' by Bernstein - Young People Concerts (1962)

'What is a Mode' (scale) by Leonard Bernstein (NY Philharmonic, 1966)

Vintage Holy Land Pictures and Art (Ludwig Schneller, 1891):

Of the three categories: the casual traveler interested in the Holy Places, the more observant Orientalist watching customs and habits, author Ludwig Schneller belongs in the third category, born in Jerusalem and raised in the Holy Land, fluent in Arabic and totally familiar with its people. His parents founded the Syrian Orphanage just outside Jerusalem and it later became his own biggest occupation (as 'Father Schneller'), accepting orphaned Arab children from Palestine, and from surrounding areas of conflict like the Lebanon (Syria) in 1860s, and Armenians in 1894-1896 (the Hamidian massacres under the Ottoman Turks with over one hundred thousand dead and 50,000 orphaned). The orphans taken in by Schneller learned vocational skills and useful languages, as a means to support themselves. The author describes the land of Palestine from the inside out, not caring about the so-called Holy Places that 'do more to obscure than reveal', but the people in their poverty, who like a wind-blown harp, sound notes from ancient peoples like the Hittites, Canaanites, and Israelites. Subjects covered are very illuminating, and are always linked to ways of the Old Testament: agriculture, foods, dress, meals, dwellings, music, weddings and funerals, and the language. He travels the land and makes the Bible come alive with countless anecdotes (the 'upper room', the fig tree, being 'unequally yoked'), a must read for all who wish to understand the life of Jesus and His disciples.

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1890 Jaffa, the ancient Joppa

1890 Jerusalem, as seen from the North

1890 Jerusalem, detailed map

1890 Jerusalem, city view

1890 Jerusalem, view of northern 'Benjamins Mountains'

1890 Jerusalem, city view

1890 Jerusalem, Christian Quarter

1890 Jerusalem, Herod's Tower ruins of Phafael (or Hippicus)

1890 Jerusalem, Felladjin family

1890 Jerusalem, Protestant Cemetary on Mt Sion

1890 Jerusalem, Protestant Cemetaery, Schneller's tomb

1890 Lifta, the ancient Nephtoah, showing the divide between Judah and Benjamin

1890 Jerusalem, Road to Bethlehem

1890 Oh little town of Bethlehem

1890 Hebron where the Hebrew patriarhs are burried

1890 Mount Hermon

1890 El Scheech, Mohamedan Mausoleum

1890 Mizpa Samuel

1890 Cliffs of Beirut

1890 Beirut, journey to Sidon by boat

1890 Sidon

1890 Tyre

1890 Jerusalem, Arminian Orphan Transport from Eufrates & Tigris to the 'Syrian Orphanage'

1890 Jerusalem, Syrian Orphanage Home of the Blind

1890 Jerusalem, Syrian Orphanage Buildings

1890 Jerusalem, Syrian Orphanage Chapel

1890 Jerusalem, Syrian Orphanage Dining Hall

1890 Jerusalem, Syrian Orphanage Brassband

1890 Jerusalem, Syrian Orphanage, Parsonage

1890 Syrian Orphanage Workshop

1890 Syrian Orphanage, Rock Quarry with hewn graves

Cover Schneller Patriarch of the Protestant Mission in the Holy Land, Schneller, 1897

1890 Syrian Orphanage - South Court

1890 Syrian Orphanage - North Court

1890 Syrian Orphanage

1890 Syrian Orphanage

1890 Syrian Orphanage Kitchen

1890 Syrian Orphanage, Orphans in front of Mt of Olives

1890 Syrian Orphanage, Girl Orphans

1890 Syrian Orphanage, annual wheat harvest

1890 Syrian Orphanage, annual wheat harvest

1890 Syrian Orphanage, wheat caravan

1890 Bethlehem

1890 Jericho Bedouin Camp

1890 Lydda (Lod), Palmtrees with 20% of the Mohamedans blind

1890 Jerusalem, Temple Mount

1890 Jerusalem Jews praying at the Temple Wall

1890 Jerusalem Top of Mount of Olives

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Vintage Holy Land /Arabia Pictures Ventures among Arabs (by Archibald Forder, 1905):

1905: Archibald Forder dwells and travels amongs the nomadic Arabs of the three regions, Arabia Petra (North), Arabia Deserta (Middle) and Arabia Felix (South), including areas of greater Palestine. He captures on paper and film many unknown aspects of Arab desert life, hidden from everyday view. He discovers many customs that harken back unchanged to referenced Biblical times, such as wedding ceremonies and rites of mournings, use of language, land purchases, hiding valuables, customary hospitality to strangers, serving meals and coffee. He identifies the various tribes and relates their names to the early biblical times (Ishmael, Esau (Edom), Gideon, Kedar, Moab etc). Many skills of survival are shown in harsh desert conditions, such as finding and storing water, churning butter in sheep skins, use of ovens and the daily mill to grind grains into flour for daily bread. The author also describes the celestial origins and terrestial tenets of the Mohamedan faith, which in the absense of assurance of salvation, leaves one with the need of various works required to ensure the sympathy of the Eternal Judge.

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1905 the river Jordan

1905 Interior of an Arab house

1905 Arab encampment in the Desert

1905 Arabs of Moab

1905 an Arab Sheikh

1905 Ovens used by Arabs

1905 Mr Forders home in Moab

1905 Arab Woman showing dowry as money on head

1905 Bedouin tent

1905 The fords of river Arnon

1905 Mr Forder in Arab dress

1905 Bedouin women, daughters of the desert

1905 North shore of the desert

1905 Arabs enjoying a social meal

1905 Mrs Forder

1905 an Eastern caravansery

1905 Making coffee, a man's job

1905 Drawing water at Beersheba

1905 Hagar's well

1905 Cenotaph over Aaron's tomb in Edom

1905 Section of the ravine at Petra in Edom

1905 Christian woman of Moab

1905 Calvary, outside the wall

1905 Old tower and castle at Sulkhud

1905 Stone doors at Bashan

1905 Druze Chiefs South of Damascus

1905 Moving tents, a woman's job

1905 Caravan resting after a journey

1905 The chief of Kaf

1905 Temporary tent hospital in the desert, a place to die

1905 the chief's wife

1905 Water filled in goat-skins for travel

1905 the castle of the Jowf

1905 Marid, stronghold of the Jowf

1905 Arabs of Northern Arabia

1905 Crossing the desert

1905 Gathering salt in the desert

1905 Date palm, with fruit ripe unto harvest

1905 Arab Woman churning butter

1905 View of the river Abana in Damascus

1905 an Arab fiddler

1905 Grinding at the Mill for daily bread

1905 Pharaohs Treasure, the masterpiece of Edom

1905 Bird's eye View of Damascus

1905 Map of Arabia

1905 Index page 'Ventures Among Arabs', by Archibald Forder

1905 Cover page 'Ventures Among Arabs', by Archibald Forder

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Vintage Holy Land Pictures Peasant Life in the Holy Land (by C.T. Wilson, 1906):

1906: Arabist and author Rev. C.T. Wilson writes about the people of Palestine more than the land (unlike the numerous travelogues of the day), in particular the manners, customs and dialects of the Fellahin, the peasants of the land (as distinct from townsmen), who he links to the gentile tribes of Canaan. These unchanged customs, including dress, utensils, furniture, and farming, all relate back to Biblical times, and seem to have been passed over by waves of conquest. He describes the role of women, unveiled in the case of the Fellahah (female peasant), unlike the Baraghafeh, a tribe who claim to be descended from the prophet, and lock their women away behind doors and veils. The author tries to capture and record old ways of the past five millennia, at risk of disappearing in the new (20th century) days of trains and telegraphs.

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1906 Nazareth

1906 Es Salt, the ancient Ramoth Gilead

1906 Mt Carmel, Place of Elijahs Sacrifice

1906 Sacred Oak near Tibneh

1906 Fellah

1906 Agricultural Implements

1906 Courtyard of Village Mosque

1906 Village East of the Jordan River

1906 Kanatir

1906 Sacred Tree

1906 Greek Convent of Mar Girius in Wadi Kelt

1906 An Aliyeh, the 'Upper Room', 2Kings4v10

1906 Shepherd and Sheep

1906 Roman Bridge over the Jordan River

1906 Parapet of Tiling

1906 Shop in Moab

1906 Christian Village School

1906 Women Sifting Wheat

1906 Grinding Wheat

1906 Flock Resting at Noon

1906 Tiberias

1906 Women going to Draw Water

1906 Peasant Woman Showing Head-dress

1906 Shepherd and Sheep

1906 Oak Grove, Jebel Ajlun

1906 Preparing Firewood for Market

1906 Camel carrying Stone

1906 Hillside close to Jerusalem

1906 Sower

1906 a Fellah

1906 Cattle Hooves Threshing Wheat

1906 Ploughing

1906 Scene of Jonathan's Exploit at Mishmash

1906 Bethany

1906 Beating Olives

1906 Sakiyeh Treadmil pulling Jugs from Water Well

1906 Olive Grove

1906 Olives Drying in 'Upper Room'

1906 Fisherman

1906 Ruined Temple near Tobaz, the Ancient Thebez

1906 Weaving Haircloth for Tents

1906 Weaving

1906 Water Mill at Jebel Ajlun

1906 Great Mosque, Damascus

1906 Kissing the Hand

1906 Khan in the Lebanon

1906 Coffee Making

1906 Peasants of Jebel Aljun

1906 Hill Country

1906 Rujm, Cairns as Stone Markers

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Vintage Holy Land Pictures (People of Palestine, Elisa Grant, 1906/1922):

1906: Author Elihu Grant writes on the peasantry of Western Palestine (i.e. excluding trans-Jordan, the much larger Eastern Palestine portion for many centuries). He covers the springs and rivers, hills and valleys, the lay of the land, as well as the climate and weather. Grant likens the peasants to the ancient Canaanites who got into the regular habit of converting at the point of a sword (Joshua's Hebrews, the Romans, the Muslims). As he describes the peasantry, one gets a feel for how people lived and worked, what methods they used, and most interestingly (with pictures), which tools and utensils were used to farm the barren land and manufacture basic goods one century ago.

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1907 Bread-making Utensils

1907 Pottery

1907 Various Articles made of Skin

1907 Household Utensils

1907 List of Household Utensils

1907 Siloam Woman with Child and Produce on Head

1907 River Auja, North of Jaffa

1907 Donkey at Threshing Floor with Wheat

1907 Wild Anemones From Wadi el Kelb

1907 Vineyard at Ram Allah

1907 Man with Basket of Olives at Ram Allah

1907 Stretch of Olive Trees on Road to Ayn Sinya

1907 Bedawy (Beduin) House

1907 Bedawy Drinking

1907 Peasants on the Way to Market with Produce

1907 Bedawin Horseman

1907 Womans Work

1907 Bringing Home the Bridal Trousseau

1907 Girls Pretending to Carry Loads

1907 Washing a Child

1907 a Swaddled Infant

1907 Three Kinds of Houses

1907 Women Gleaning Wheat

1907 Women Sifting Wheat

1907 to Jerusalem for the Neby Musa Procession

1907 Neby Musa Crowd at the Jaffa Gate

1907 Farming Implements

1907 Sower

1907 Children Gleaning

1907 Donkeys Threshing with cow

1907 Threshing Scene at the Old Pool at Bethel

1907 Spinning, Reeling, and Straightening Threads for the Loom

1907 Market Scene Peasantry near Davids Tower in Jerusalem

1907 Women at the Well

1907 Fountain at Nazareth

1907 House Roofing Bee at Tayyibeh

1907 Ram Allah, Matron at her Door

1907 Camel Carrying Clay Jars

1907 Ram Allah as entered from the Walled Road from the East

1907 Little Girls of the Village

1907 Village of Ram Allah and Outlying Vineyards

1907 El Bireh from the South

1907 Vineyards and Stone Watch Towers

1907 Donkey with Cow Plowing

1907 Primitive Bedawin Rug Weaving

1907 Straw Mat and Basket Making by Jifna Woman

1907 Months of the Year

1907 Index page, People of Palestine, by Elihu Grant

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Vintage Holy Land Pictures Immovable East (by P. Baldersperger, 1913):

Filip J. Baldensperger was born in 1856 and grew up as son of German missionaries to Palestine, who ran a school for some 70 Arabic-speaking youths. This book 'Immovable East' describes the life in 19th century Palestine of Bedawin (Bedouins) and Fellahin (Fellah = peasant or ploughman in Arabic), who he holds to be of Canaanite descent. He shows that the customs and lifestyles are linked to a common immovable past (despite numerous invasions by Egyptians, Syrians, Chaldean, Greeks, Romans), not unlike Israelite times of old in the Bible, and how ancient pre-Israelite Canaanite beliefs and superstitions strongly influence the Mohammedan faith (note how Gibbon in 'Decline And Fall of the Roman Empire' (Ch6, Pt2) talks of the Eastern cult of Egalabalus (Baal) in Emesa Syria, which revered 'a black conical stone, which, as it was universally believed, had fallen from heaven on that sacred place').

1913 Map of 'Modern Palestine', by Pitman&Sons

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1913 Tower of David

1913 Unequally Yoked Ploughing Team in Judea

1913 Fellah and his Camels on the banks of the Kishon

1913 Bedawi (Bedouin) of the Kishon

1913 by the Dead Sea

1913 A Line of Camels

1913 Dome of the Rock

1913 A Dervish

1913 Grotto of Elijah, Mt Carmel

1913 Dome of Ascension

1913 Map of Solomons Gardens and Environs

1913 Shepherd

1913 Solomons Pools and Caravansery

1913 Jaffa Gate Jerusalem

1913 Plains from Jericho and Dead Sea from Olivet

1913 Bedouin Tent in Valley of Achor

1913 Street in Jerusalem

1913 Shepherd and Sheep near Jerusalem

1913 Dan, Source of the Jordan

1913 Siloam, Fellehat going to Jerusalem

1913 Fellehat of Baltir going to Market

1913 Neiye or Zoomara

1913 Neby Moosa Procession and Holy Standard

1913 Tower of Ramleh

1913 Map of Modern Palestine by Pitman&Sons

1913 Index page

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Vintage Holy Land Pictures (Paul Hommel, 1920s):

Paul Hommel of Stuttgart took these high quality black & white photographs of the Holy Land around 1920. In the original version called 'Durch 's Gelobte Land' ('Through the Promised Land') it is Ludwig Schneller himself, closely acquainted with the land and people, who provided the narrative (his own photographs shown elsewhere). In the Dutch version published in 1934 'Door 't Beloofde Land', it is A van Deursen who provides the descriptions to the pictures, which provided the Biblical references to the scenes. The pictorial journey starts in the north in Lebanon, showing the magnificent Cedars of Lebanon, which helped build Solomon's Temple, further down thru Galilee, and the life around a lake, the rocky desert of Judea, Petra and Idumea and ending at Aqaba at the Red Sea.These may be the last photographs taken of the ancient way of life in the Holy Land, before new technologies like train and telegraph changed the pace of life forever.

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1920s View of the Valleys of Lebanon (Is40, 1Kings5, Deut3)

1920s Cedars of Lebanon (Jer18:14, Ez31, 2Sam7)

1920s Haifa, end point of the IPC oiline from Mosoel in Iraq

1920s Ruins of a Crusader Fortress at Atlit (built 1248), the last Citadel (1291)

1920s Carmel mountains with Kishon Stream Where Eliah Sacrificed (1Kings18, Judges5))

1920s Nazareth, and its ancient water well at front left (Luke1)

1920s Building of a House

1920s Nazarene Woman under a fig tree (Is.3, 1Kings4)

1920s Road from Nazareth leading North to Kana in Galilee (Luke4)

1920s Synagogue of Kapernaum (Mark1, John6)

1920s Fishermen at the Sea of Galilee (Matt4/13, John21)

1920s Lake of Gennesaret (Mark4, John6, Eccl.24)

1920s Rock Formation near Besan (Beth-Sean) overlooking the barren Jordan Valley (Joshua17, Judges1)

1920s Tiberias (Luke8:3)

1920s Tiberias and the Lake of Gennesaret

1920s Lake of Gennesaret (Luke9)

1920s Bedouins baking Bread (Judges6, 2Sam16)

1920s the Threshing Floor (Deut25, Ruth3)

1920s the Widow of Nain (Luke7)

1920s Samaritans'Neapolis (Nabloos) and Mt Gerazim (Gen12, Josh24, Judges9)

1920s Ruins of Gerasa (Decapolis). Left : temple of Artemis, right: thermal baths

1920s Jerusalem's Jaffa Gate (2Kings14)

1920s Jerusalem: Mt Ofel and Moria, Kedron-Valley, Mt of Olives at right (1Kings1, 2Sam15, 2Kings23)

1920s Moonlight over Jerusalem

1920s Jerusalem: the Temple Mount, where 12 yr old Jesus sat ((Luke2:46)

1920s the Dome of 17 pillars, former Location of the Herodian Temple Court of Women (John8, Acts4)

1920s Jerusalem's Wailing Wall: 28m long, 18m high

1920s Jerusalem: Ecce-Homo Arch on the Via Dolorosa: 'Behold the man' (John19:5)

1920s Jerusalem's Eastern Wall near Stephen's Gate, 12m high, built 1536

1920s Jerusalem: the Damascus Gate (Gen23, 2Kings7)

1920s Jerusalem: the Upper city (2Kings22:14)

1920s Jerusalem: the Garden of Gethsemane - 'oil press' (John18)

1920s Bedu child Shepherds inside the Damascus Gate (1Sam16:11)

1920s Jews in the Valley of Jehosafat (Lev9:27)

1920s Jerusalem: Church of the Sepulchre, outside the 'old' city (Heb13, Matt28)

1920s Jerusalem: Phasael, Tower of Herods' Palace, meeting place of the Oriental sages (Matt2)

1920s Fellah village, Cheeme, West of Bethlehem (Job4:19, Is1:3))

1920s Inside of Cheeme dwelling, one slept around the fire (Luke11)

1920s Sacred place of Abu Nabat near Cheeme

1920s Bethlehem: House of Bread (of the World)

1920s grinding wheat in a house in Bethlehem (Job41:15)

1920s Christian girl when Bethlehem was still a Christian Town (Jer2, Luke15, Ez16)

1920s busy street in Bethlehem (1Sam11, Neh8)

1920s Ephrata: Shepherds out in the field, keeping watch over their Sheep (Luke2)

1920s the good Shepherd in Judea (2Sam7, Amos7, Joh10)

1920s Hebron (Gen13/23/37, 2Sam2)

1920s Bethany, House of Figs

1920s Judean Desert (Jer2:31, Josh15)

1920s Judean Desert: Valley of Achor (or Wadi Kelt) (2Chr32)

1920s Judean Desert: St Georges Monastery built by Essenes (Luke2)

1920s Excavated Wall of Old Jericho, once 5.6m deep and 14m high (1Kings16)

1920s Desert near the lower Jordan River (Mark1, Matt3)

1920s the Jordan River (Josh3:17, 2Kings2, Zach11)

1920s the Jordan River: balsem of Gilead (Gen37, Jer8/46)

1920s Bedouin Sheikh with Bodyguard in front of his tent (Song of Sol1:5)

1920s Western Shore of the Dead Sea (Gen19, Deut29, Amos4, Is.Jer23, Zeph21)

1920s Mouth of the Arnon into the Dead Sea (Num21:13, Deut2:36)

1920s Caravan (Gen37:25, Jer2)

1920s Ships of the Desert, Job owned 3000 (Job1:3)

1920s Eilat (=Palms) in Southern Israel (2Chron8:17)

1920s Salt Pillars at the Dead Sea, source of Asphalt (Gen14;1)

1920s Engedi, Diamond of the Desert (Song of Sol 1:14)

1920s Petra Mountains (Jer49, Ob.1:4): 'on this Petra I will build my Church'

1920s Petra: Pharao's Treasury: last of the Nabateans? Rediscoveed in 1812 by Burckhart

1920s the Seir pass from Eilath to Maon (Judges10:12, 2Chron26:7, Ezra2)

1920s Amman, or Rabba of the Children of Ammon (2Sam12)

1920s Damascus on the edge of the desert (2Kings5:12, Jer49:25)

1920s Damascus Ommayad Mosque, Once Church of John the Baptist (with inscription Ps145:13)

1920s Damascus: place of Caravanserai until the opening of the Suez canal

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Vintage Holy Land Pictures (Nancy Groenendijk, 1960s):

Author Marius Groeneveld and photographer Nancy Groeneveld have succeeded in compiling a 'most modern book' on the Holy Land (1960!). They manage to cast an interesting light on what are called the 'Holy Places' and invite the pilgrim to read and see for himself, and compare what the Holy Scriptures say about these matters. The book and pictures also cast a light on 'theories of modern archeology' in light of what is known from many sources of ancient history.

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1960s the Negev, near Beersheva where Abraham settled (Gen21)

1960s Jericho: Moon City (Joshua6)

1960s Mt Tabor, Megiddo in the Jezreel Valley (Judges4)

1960s Beth-Sean: How the mighty have fallen (1Sam28, 31, 2Sam1)

1960s Canaanite Place of Sacrifice (1Kings9:15, 2Kings9/23)

1960s Judean Desert (1Kings9/22)

1960s Bethlehem, Fields of Ephrata (Luke1)

1960s Hills Surrounding Jerusalem (Joshua10)

1960s Ruins of Ceasarea (Acts8/10/21/23)

1960s Nazareth (Matt4, Luke2, Mark6)

1960s Samaria (1Kings16/22)

1960s Kana Vineyards (John2)

1960s Door Post of Kapernaum's Synagogue (Matt4/8/11)

1960s Lake of Gennesaret (Matt5)

1960s Olive Press in the Holy Land (Matt14, Mark6, Luke9, John6))

1960s Mt. Tabor in Galilee (Matt17, Mark9)

1960s Shechem: Give us this day our Daily Bread (John4)

1960s Jerusalem (Matt26-28, Acts1)

1960s Sarcophagus

1960s Jerusalem (Matt26-28, Acts1)

1960s Jerusalem (Matt26-28, Acts1)

1960s the ancient Jewish Temple Mount (Matt26-28, Acts1)

1960s Jerusalem viewed from Gethsemane (Matt26-28, Acts1)

1960s Gardens of Gethsemane (Matt26-28, Acts1)

1960s Stone Door of a Burial Chamber

1960s Ein Karem, a city in the Judean Hills (Luke 1)

1960s Traveler's Map of the Holy Land

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Vintage Holy Land Pictures (King James Bible, 1972):

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Map of Israel in the OT and NT, by ThomasNelson

1970s Fortress Nimrud above Caesarea Philippi, by J.Couch

1970s Overlooking Sea of Galilee from Tiberias, by J.Couch

1970s Roman Ruins in Samaria by T.Kilpatrick

1970s Jerusalem Pool of Siloam and entrance to Hezekiahs Tunnel, by J.Couch

1970s Israel, Mount Hermon

1970s Israel, Olive Tree, by M.Spence

1970s Israel, Judean Wilderness, by M.Spence

1970s Gulf of Eilat looking at Jordan, by T.Kilpatrick

1970s Israel, Sheep, by G.Jeeninga

1970s Israel, Ibex, by T.Kilpatrick

1970s Israel, Bedouins, by T.Kilpatrick

1970s Marketplace in Jerusalem

1970s Israel, Relief from First Century Synagogue, by T. Kilpatrick

1970s Israel, Stone Manger in Solomon's Stables, by T.Kilpatrick

1970s Jerusalem, Loaves and Fishes, by T.Kilpatrick

1970s Jerusalem, Fruitseller, by J.Couch

1970s Jerusalem, Temple Mount, by J.Couch

1970s Jerusalem, Wailing Wall, by J.Couch

1970s Jerusalem, Worshippers with the Torah, by J.Couch

1970s Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, by J.Couch

1970s Israel, Sea of Galilee, by G.Jeeninga

1970s Israel, One of the Sources of the Jordan River, by J.Couch

1970s the Jordan River, by W.van Gemeren

1970s Israel, Salt Deposits in the Dead Sea, by T.Kilpatrick

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Vintage Holy Land Postcards

Hebrew University (HU), owner of 130,000 vintage Holy Land postcards

ca.1900 Jaffa Oranges (Hebrew University)

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1898 Kaiser Bill visits the Holy Land (HU)

1898 Kaiser Wilhelm II's visit to Jerusalem (HU)

1900 Tiberius Colony and City (HU)

ca.1900 Four iconic sites of the Holy Land (HU)

ca.1900 Hasidic Jew buying Etrog Citrus Fruit (HU)

ca.1900 Four iconic sites of the Holy Land (HU)

ca. 1910 Jerusalem's King George Street (HU)


1915 early Tel Aviv (founded 1909), (HU)

Vintage Israel Postcards

by Palphot, printers

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Brechat Ram, Mt_Hermon, Golan Heights

Banias, One of river Jordan's three sources

Israel Massada, Northern Palace

Camels in the desert near Ein Gedi, Dead Sea

the Dead Sea salt crystals

the Dead Sea - Lot's wife - salt pillar

the Dead Sea - Lot's wife - salt pillar

the Dead Sea - Lot's wife - salt pillar

the Dead Sea - 1290 feet below sea level

the Dead Sea - 394m below sea level

the Dead Sea - Salt formations

the Dead Sea - Resort hotels

Sunrise on the Dead Sea

Israel, Tabgha - Church of the Multiplication, Byzantine Mosaic

Israel, Tabgha - Church of the Multiplication, Byzantine Mosaic, ducks

Israel, Tabgha - Church of the Multiplication, Byzantine Mosaic, stork

Jerusalem, the Golden Gate (Gate of Mercy)

Jerusalem - the Temple Mount

Jerusalem - One of the most ancient cities in the world

Camels in the Dead Sea Area

Jerusalem - El Aksa (name refers to Mekka)

Jerusalem - El Aksa (name refers to Mekka)

Jerusalem - El Aksa (name refers to Mekka)

Jerusalem - El Aksa (name refers to Mekka)

Jerusalem - Dome of the Rock

Jerusalem - Dome of the Rock arch

Jerusalem - Dome of the Rock, Cupola

Jerusalem - Dome of the Rock

Jerusalem - Dome of the Rock

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Holy Land Cookbooks:

Israel Cookbook (in Portuguese - Use Google Translator)

Cooking Israel- Chagim Cookbook (pdf, 6.6MB)

Some EPUB download sites (free but typically registration required):

'Sunny Flavors from my Israeli Kitchen' by Adeena Suzman (ePub)

'Israel Style Recipees: A Complete Cookbook of Middle-Eastern Dish Ideas' by Julia Chiles (ePub)

'The Food of Israel -Food of the World' - Authentic recipes from the land of milk and honey (ePub)

'Cookbooks for Israeli Foods' by Jessica Halfin(ePub)

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Related Holy Land Archeology:

Noah's Ark found!

Sodom and Gomorrah found!

The real Mt Sinai found!

Biblical Archeological Design, by Leen Ritmeyer

Drawing Herod's Temple, Ritmeyer.com

Video simulation of Herod's Temple, Ritmeyer.com

read also: 'Bible Archeology', with numerous historical references

'the City of David', a Guide to Biblical Jerusalem, by Hershel Shanks, 1973 (for ref only)

Biblical Archeology sites

the Dead Sea scrolls

Story of the Dead Sea scrolls

History of the Dead Sea scrolls, incl. recent appearance of fake fragments (NOVA S46E20, YT)

New Dead Sea scroll fragments found (2021)

Blank Dead Sea scroll fragments show text

5000 yr old Lost Bronze Age City in Israel'

Ancient Canaanite DNA found in Lebanon

3000 yr old Watchtower foundations from time of Hezekiah

Cistern excavated near Beersheva

700BC Prophet Isaiah's Seal

Kiriat Jearim - Emmaus found

200BC Idumean foundations

2000yr old Stone Vessels in Galilee used in Jewish Purity Rites

Roman Vault with the wall of Beth-She'an over the river Jalud

Western Wall hidden sections

Massada's last stand

Jewish Revolt - Coins found in Jerusalem

Horeb split rock in ancient Midian, in Saudi-Arabia

Canaan Mosaic with Israel's Spies

2000 year old inscription of 'Jerusalem' in Hebrew

400AD Huqoq Mosaics - Tower of Babel

YouTube: in 1984, Ron Wyatt discovers Mount Sinai in ancient Midian (Gal 4:25), in Saudi-Arabia

YouTube: Mount Sinai in Saudi-Arabia found (Gal.4:25), next to Mt Horeb

YouTube: Noah's ark found in 1987, by Ron Wyatt, on the mountains of Ararat.

YouTube: Sodom & Gomorrah found in 1989, by Ron Wyatt

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Vintage Holy Land Travelogues

'The immovable East: studies of the people and customs of Palestine', by Baldensperger, 1912

1897 - Bible Places - Topology of the Holy Land, by Tristram

1912 - 'Out of Doors in the Holy Land', by Henry van Dyke

Here 100s more travelogues on Ottoman Palestine (Wikipedia)

1897 Map of Holy Land 'Bible places'

Modern Pictures of Israel, for sale elsewhere






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Memorable Quotes on the Holy Land

Genesis 14:13

“Abr(a)ham was a Hebrew, from whom all Jews (through Isaac) and Arabs (through Ismael) descend”

A British UN Ambassador, long ago:

“There are actually those who entertain views on today's Middle East, without ever having read the Bible"

King David, 1000BC:

"If I forget you, O Jerusalem, May my right hand forget how to play the harp."

Jerusalem, only city not built on a river or shore

Chuck Missler: Isaiah 45:1, 41:2-25; 42:6

"When Persian king Cyrus II (the Great) was shown passages mentioning him by name in the historical book of Isaiah, he granted the captive Jews the right to return and rebuild Jerusalem."

Josephus Ant.xi. 8, §§ 4-6:

"In 332 AD, Priest Jaddua showed Alexander (the Great) passages from the book of Daniel about himself (Dan. 7:6, 8:5-8, 20-22, 11:3-4) which made him decide to spare the city of Jerusalem."

Martin Luther, 1538, 'Against the Sabbatarians: Letter to a good friend’

"Let them go to that country and to Jerusalem, build their temple, the priesthood, and submit to the law, and raise Moses with his law so they will be Jews again and possess the land. If that would happen, they would quickly find us behind them to become Jews ourselves”.

William Shakespeare (1564-1616):

"I'll make a voyage to the Holy Land"

"To wash this blood off from my guilty hand."

Adrian Reland ((Hadrianus Relandus, 1676-1718) on the Holy Land (1695!), then called 'Palaestina', publ. in Utrecht (Trajecti Batavorum) 1714:

“In 1695 everyone knew that the origin of the country was Jewish. In 1695 there is not a single settlement in Palestine that has Arabic roots (most settlements have Jewish originals, and in some cases, Greek or Roman (Nablus is a Samaritan town, from the Greek NeaPolis). Even the name Palestine was stolen from the Romans, who stole it fomr the short-lived Philistines of old. In 1695, about 550 people lived in Gaza, half Jews, half Christians. Jews were farmers (vineyards, olives, grapes), Christians were engaged in trade and transportation. Later Muslim Arabs were colonizers from elsewhere.”

1695 Adrian Relandi's 'Palaestina' (Latin)

Conclusions of Adrian Reland (Hadrianus Relandus, 1676-1718) on the Holy Land (1695), then called 'Palaestina', publ. in Utrecht 1714:

'The country is mainly empty, abandoned, sparsely populated, the main population being in Jerusalem, Akko, Tsfat, Jaffa, Tveira, and Gaza. Most of the population are Jews, almost everyone else is Christian, very few Muslims, mostly Bedouins. The only exception is Nablus (NeaPolis, now Shchem), where approximately 120 people from the Muslim family Nasha and approximately 70 "Shomronims (Samaritans) live'

Conclusions of Adrian Reland (Hadrianus Relandus, 1676-1718) on the Holy Land (1695), then called 'Palaestina', publ. in Utrecht 1714:

'In Nazareth, the capital of Galilee, lived approximately 700 people, all Christians. In Jerusalem, there are about 5000 people, almost all Jews and a few Christians'.

Bishop Thomas Newton 1754:

"They are dispersed among all nations, yet not confounded with any. After wars massacres and persecutions, they are still subsist, they are quite numerous. What supernatural power could have preserved the Jews in such a manner as no other nation on earth has been preserved? "

On the Nonconformist and Evangelical thought toward taking the lead in restoring the Jews to Zion (Fromkin's 'A Peace to end all Peace', p268)

"Two Puritans, mid-17th century, residing in Holland - Joanna and Ebenezer Cartwright - petitioned their government "That this Nation of England, with the inhabitants of the Netherlands, shall be the first and the readiest to transport Jizraell's sons and daughters in their ships to the Land promised for their forefathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as an everlasting inheritance”

Frederick the Great ~1780:

The king of Prussia, Frederick the Great, in a discussion with his court chaplain once said: “Give me proof of the inspiration of the Bible.” The chaplain answered, “Israel, your majesty.”

US President John Adams, 1797-1801 to Jefferson:

"I will insist that the Hebrews have done more to civilize man than any other nation."

US President John Quincy Adams, 1825-1829:

"I believe in the rebuilding of Judea as an independent nation."

US traveler John Lloyd Stephens in 1825 on the Temple Mount:

"Since islamic rule, Jews are not allowed near the site of the temple: they just whisper to it from afar."

from 'Peasant Life in the Holy Land' (p.99, written 1851/2, publ 1906 by CT Wilson):

"The Late Bishop Gobat on his appointment to the English Bishopric in Jerusalem in 1849 found that there were practically no schools at all for the Arabic-speaking population"."

Abraham Lincoln, in 1863, on return of the Jews to their ancient homeland:

"a noble dream and one shared by many Americans."

Mary Lincoln-Todd, in 1865, on Lincoln's death:

"He was saying there was no city he so much desired to see as Jerusalem. And with the words half spoken on his tongue, the bullet of the assassin entered the brain, and the soul of the great and good President was carried by the angels to the New Jerusalem above."

Mark Twain, in 1867, Innocents Abroad p. 361-362:

"..... A desolate country whose soil is rich enough, but is given over wholly to weeds... a silent mournful expanse.... a desolation.... we never saw a human being on the whole route.... hardly a tree or shrub anywhere. Even the olive tree and the cactus, those fast friends of a worthless soil, had almost deserted the country."

1867 Innocents abroad

Mark Twain:

“A fast walker could go outside the walls of Jerusalem and walk entirely around the city in an hour. I do not know how else to make one understand how small it is.”

Isaac Taylor, 'Giant Cities of Bashan', (Golan)Josias L. Porter, 1867:

"Palestine's palaces are dust, her stately columns fallen, her streets silent, her fields desolate, while God alone performs his dreadful part, fulfilling to the very letter the prophethic curses pronounced upon the land long, long centuries ago" (Lev. 26:30, Is.22:3, 33:14, Joel1:6-12)

Isaac Taylor, 'Words and Places', 1873:

"It is singular that the Philistines, the "strangers" from Crete", who merely occupied a narrow strip of the sea-coast, should through their contact with the western world, have given their name to the whole of the land of Palestine, in which they never succeeded in gaining any lasting supremacy."

the Philistines' brief sojourn in the Canaan

On ending 1000 years of Arab Muslim slavery:

"The British, who had earlier abolished the slave trade via the 'Act for the Abolition of the Slave Trade' (1807, under Wilberforce's tireless 20-year fight, moved by charitable Christian motives) and abolished slavery itself via the 'Slavery Abolition Act' of 1833, also enforced the abolition of muslim slavery by Arab Zanzibar (1873), although it went on illicitly in Zanzibar and elsewhere in Africa until well into the 20th century, with ruthless Arab traders (in slaves and ivory) like notorious figure Tippu Tib devastating Eastern Congo, finally being edged out by rival commercial and political interests from Western powers.

Arab Muslim slavers in Africa

On the rebuilding of Africa after 1000 years of Arab Muslim slavery:

While the Berlin Conference of 1884 had agreed spheres of influence in Africa, and sought 'to terminate slavery by black and Islamic powers in Africa', it was the West's (separate) Christian missionary efforts, unlike Islam, that did so much to subsequently help rebuild Africa (by education, administration, health and sanitation, agriculture, order and rule of law). "

Arab Muslim Colonialism, with entire civilizations wiped out and millions killed

recent Islamic terrorist poster found, with inscription: 'First Constantinopel, then Rome'

Author Ludwig Schneller, born in Jerusalem and raised in Bethlehem, 1889 (Chapter on Bethlehem', Book: 'Kent Gij het Land?' p22, 'Kennst du das Land?'):

"Until recently the surrounding lands were void and desolate. All labor appeared fruitless. Only remnants of cultivation of terraces near the foot of the mountains showed evidence of ancient Israelite thrift.

Ludwig Schneller, 1889 (Chapter on 'Land and Money', KGhL p66):

"The curse on this land Palestine is not only on account of the (Arab) population, but its (Turkish) government that takes from its subjects, and allows itself to be bribed"

Ludwig Schneller 1889 (Chapter on 'Land and Money', KGhL, p68:

"One can put the blame squarely on the Turkish government which has allowed the destruction of the forests in Palestine by allowing the removal of firewood and the grazing of young saplings"

Ludwig Schneller, 1889 (Chapter on 'Land and Money', KGhL p79):

"Moses gives the law to Israelites that plowing animals should not be unequally yoked. Yet Arab farmers in Palestine will gladly yoke a horse to a donkey, or a camel to a cow. This author has personally witnessed a donkey being yoked together with the farmer's wife."

Ludwig Schneller, 1889 (Chapter on 'Marriages'), KGhL p114:

"Polygamy leads to poverty, domestic discord and smaller families. Arab girls marry young, as young as 8 or 9 years old. She has no say, she goes to the highest bidder, and always to a relative."

what has changed?

Ludwig Schneller 1889 (Chapter on 'Bethlehem'), KGhL p21:

"There are 7000 inhabitants in Bethlehem (in 1889), with only several hundred Mohammedans.

Bethlehem - Beth Lechem, House of Bread

Ludwig Schneller, 1889 (Chapter on 'Bethlehem', KGhL p21:

"Yet here in Bethlehem (with all the reminders of Christ's past presence), I experienced in the desperate conditions of this poor land something like the voice of an angel, saying: "He is no longer here"

On the Ottomans (the 'Porte') ethnic makeup during WW1 (Fromkin's 'A Peace to end all Peace', p210)

"The (Turkish) Porte was suspicious not only of Christians, but also of Jews - especially the 60,000 or more of them in Palestine”

On the Ottomans traversing Palestine to attack Egypt in 1915 (Fromkin's 'A Peace to end all Peace', p121)

"The roads of Palestine were so bad that not even horse-drawn carts could move along many of them”

On the idealism that drew Jews to Palestine around 1900 (Fromkin's 'A Peace to end all Peace', p210)

"Those who chose the hardships of pioneer life in barren Palestine (- instead of America welcoming them from pogroms in Eastern Europe -) were dreamers who asked only to be allowed to practice their religion or their ideals in peace”

On Kibutzim (Enc. Britannica

'In 1900 there were 19 kibutzim, 47 in 1918 (even though the majority of Jews were townb dwellers). The population of Palestine was about 690,000, (535K Muslims, 70K Christians (mostly Arabs), and 85K Jews)'

On South Africa's Jan Smuts attitude towards return of the Jews (Fromkin's 'A Peace to end all Peace', p210)

'Like Lloyd George, Smuts has grown up believing "that the day will come when the words of the prophets will come true, and Israel will return to its own land" and he fully agreed with David Lloyd George (British PM from 1916-22) that the Jewish homeland should be Palestine

On South Africa's proposal by Jan Smuts in 1916 for a Palestine Mandate (Fromkin's 'A Peace to end all Peace')

'As a Boer steeped in the Bible, Smuts strongly supported the idea (of a mandate) when it was raised in the Cabinet. As he later pointed out: "The people of South Africa, and especially the older Dutch population, had been brought up entirely on Jewish tradition. The Old Testament ... has been the very marrow of Dutch culture here in South Africa"'

William Ormsby-Gore, member in 1918 of the British war cabinet, on the Arabs in Palestine being actively supported by the British military (drawn from Muslim areas like India, Sudan and Egypt) subverting the Balfour treaty (they were replaced in three months by a civilian administration when found out). (Fromkin's 'A Peace to end all Peace', p323)

"The Arabs in Palestine are, I gather, showing their old tendency to corrupt methods, with backsheesh, and are endeavouring to 'steal a march on the Jews'”

Weizman on meeting Feisal (Note that significant number of European Bosnians (60K) moved to Palestine after Austria's occupation of Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1878). (Fromkin's 'A Peace to end all Peace', p324)

"He is the first Arab nationalist I have met. He is a leader! ....He is not interested in Palestine, but on the other hand, he wants Damascus and the whole of Northern Syria. .....He is contemptuous of the Palestinian Arabs who he doesn't even regard as Arabs ('but only Arabic-speaking')”

Lloyd George's reaction to Feisal's public statement that the Arabs serving him and his father's army numbered about 100,000 men in the Syria campaign (it was actually more like 3,500).(Fromkin's 'A Peace to end all Peace', p377)

"Eastern arithmetic is proverbially romantic"

On Bosnian immigration to Palestine (Wikipedia, under 'Late Arab and Muslim immigration to Palestine')

Note that significant number of muslim Bosnians (60K = 10% of Palestine) in Europe (converted Serbs, to benefit from excemptions on muslim tax on infidels) moved to Palestine after Christian Austria's occupation of Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1878 and annexation in 1908 (fearing retaliation, since the muslims in the Ottoman empire had committed many atrocious massacres of Christians in the Balkans, with victims numbering in the 100,000's)

Lloyd George on the (many) treaties during WW1 (Fromkin's 'A Peace to end all Peace', p401)

"The Treaties of Paris constitute the greatest measure of national liberation of subject nations ever achieved by any war settlement on record....no peace settlement has ever emancipated as many subject nationalities from the grip of foreign tyranny (= the Muslim Ottomans) as did that of 1919”

the "23 State Solution': 22 to the Arabs, and 1 to the Jews

To the victor the spoils:

"The influence of the Balfour Declaration (of 1917) on the course of post-war events was immediate: According to the “mandate” system created by the Treaty of Versailles of 1919, Britain was entrusted with the temporary administration of Palestine, with the understanding that it would work on behalf of both its Jewish and Arab inhabitants.”

Teddy Roosevelt, ardent Zionist, in 1918, on return of the Jews to their ancient homeland:

"It seems to me that it is entirely proper to start a Zionist state around Jerusalem,’ for peace would only happen if Jews were given Palestine.”

President Woodrow Wilson, in 1918, on return of the Jews to their ancient homeland:

"The allied nations with the fullest concurrence of our government and people are agreed that in Palestine shall be laid the foundations of a Jewish Commonwealth.”

On the not-so-secret French interests in the Holy Land during WW1 (Orlando Figes, 'The Crimean War, a History')

French interest in Jerusalem caused the Crimean War of 1854

Against Britain's wishes for Syria in 1920, with Feisal instated as ruler (Fromkin's 'A Peace to end all Peace', p401)

"the French government inaugurated a diplomatic and propaganda campaign designed to prevent neighboring Palestine from becoming 'a Zionist state'”

An American missionary in 1920 cautioning British acivil commissioner's assistant, Gertrude Bell, attempting to unite Mesopotamian provinces (Fromkin's 'A Peace to end all Peace', p451)

"You are flying in the face of four millennia of history if you try to draw a line around Iraq (formerly governed by the Ottomans) and call it a political entity”

Chaim Weizmann (then a scientist) in 1921, while traveling by boat to the US to raise funds for the Hebrew University:

"Einstein explained his theory (of relativity) to me every day, and on my arrival I was fully convinced that he understood it.”

Albert Einstein, in 1921, on the Zionist ideal of a homeland:

"Zionism indeed represents a new Jewish ideal that can restore to the Jewish people the joy in their existence.”

Future first President of Israel, Chaim Weizmann, in 1921:

"We look forward to a future where Jews and Arabs will live shoulder to shoulder in Palestine, and work together towards the welfare of the nation"

Author Hans Habe quotes the British High Commissioner for Palestine saying in 1923 on the extremely fertile valley of Jezreel (p165)

"The land of Esdraelon was uninhabitable, not a house or a tree."

Who really designed the VW VolksWagen Beetle in 1928?

A Jewish fellow named Josef Ganz and his 'May Bug Beetle' in 1928, before fleeing Nazi Germany in 1934

Josef Ganz

On the 23Aug, 1929 Hebron massacre by Arabs:

In 1929 there was no State of Israel (to protest), but Hebron turned into a city of terror, when Arabs in a 3-day frenzy, tearing down homes and synagogeus, killing 67 Jews in a community of 800, with whom they had been living in peace for many years. The aftermath left Hebron ethnically cleansed Jews for teh first time in centuries, who had relocated to Jerusalem

Massacres of Jews in Palestine, early 20th century, by Arabs

On Yasser Arafat:

'Yasser Arafat was born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1929 (his father's mother was Egyptian, his father born in facist Ottoman Gaza), while Egypt was administered by the British Mandate'. The Russian KGB pushed the narrative that Arafat was born in Jerusalem, but his heavy Egyptian accent (and birth certificate) gave him away.

On Yasser Arafat's mother Zawha:

'There is a (disputed) claim that Yasser Arafat's mother was related to the revered mufti of Jerusalem, who spent WW2 in Berlin with the Nazis, since he was wanted for war crimes'

Yasser Arafat 3:

'Young Yasser Arafat shares several dubious distinctions with Adolf Eichman, one of which is attending Jewish religious services (in the Jewish Quarter in Cairo), and enjoying their hospitality, in order to 'understand' them better (Eichman was executed for Jewish blood on his hands, Arafat was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize)'

On Gaza:

'Jews have had a (frequently interrupted) presence in Gaza for millennia. Egypt occupied it illegally in 1948, Israel took it back in 1967. In 2006, 10,000 Jewish farmers were removed from Gaza by Sharon 'to improve relations with Arabs'. All their (Jewish) farms lie waste to this day, and the innumerable rockets from Gaza prove that 'land for peace' does not work'

A 1927 coin with 'Palestine' in English shows in Hebrew initials 'The Land of Israel'

the Peel Commission, 1937:

"After violent unrest by Arabs, the British Peel Commission offered in a partition plan 80% of Palestine to the Arabs, and 20% to the Jews. The Jews accepted, the Arabs did not."

Awni Bey Abdelhadi, Syrian Arab leader to the Peel commission of 1937

'There is no such country as Palestine. 'Palestine' is a term the Zionists invented.There is no Palestine in the Bible. Our country was for centuries part of Syria. "Palestine' is alien to us. It is the Zionists who introduced it.

On the claim that the Palestinians descend from pre-Israelite Jebusites, Canaanites, or Philistines:

The Koran mentions no Jebusites, Canaanites nor even Philistines

1933 Jewish Max Baer, with star of David, beat Hitler's fave Max Smeling, in 'Fight of the Year'

Awni Bey Abdelhadi, Syrian Arab leader to the Peel commission of 1937

“Every Arab in Palestine will do everything in his power to crush down Zionism, because Zionism and Arabism can never be united together"

1946 Palestine Plan of Partition, rejected by Arabs

Yad Vashem:

"550,000 Jewish soldiers fought with the US forces against the fascists in World War 2, of whom over 10,000 were killed in action. Another 500,000 fought for the Soviet Union, of whom 120,000 died in combat and 80,000 were killed by the Germans as POWs; 100,000 fought for Poland, of whom 30,000 fell; 30,000 fought for Britain, and many other nations."

On Arab violence and retaliation:

"Despite fighting en masse with the WW2 allies, no Jew ever took revenge on a single German after WW2"

on Jewish soldiers on the Russian front, as told by Hanna Marton in Claude Lanzmenn's documentary of Holocaust survivors "the Four Sisters", whose husband was forced to go, and whose brother died in a minefield:

"During World War 2, 60,000 Hungarian Jews were sent to the Russian front, but were kept unarmed, and had to assist the Germans with labor, and act as human mine detectors. Only 5000 returned."

on the Arabs during WW2:

" During World War 2, the Arabs and Turks were aligned with the fascists powers: the Muslim Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al-Husseini, spent the war in Berlin, and afterwards sought refuge in Egypt to avoid prosecution for war crimes."

the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Hitler discuss the pressing need for Jewish extermination

The following is an excerpt from an official German record of the meeting between Adolf Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, on November 28, 1941, at the Reich Chancellory in Berlin.

'1. He (the Fuhrer) would carry on the battle to the total destruction of the Judeo-Communist empire in Europe. 2. At some moment which was impossible to set exactly today but which in any event was not distant, the German armies would in the course of this struggle reach the southern exit from Caucasia. 3. As soon as this had happened, the Fuhrer would on his own give the Arab world the assurance that its hour of liberation had arrived. Germany’s objective would then be solely the destruction of the Jewish element residing in the Arab sphere under the protection of British power. In that hour the Mufti would be the most authoritative spokesman for the Arab world. It would then be his task to set off the Arab operations, which he had secretly prepared.'

from 'The Forgotten Terrorist', the assassination of Robert F Kennedy'

by Mel Ayton, p33, quoting Alan Dershowitz: 'The (pre-1945) Palestinian leadership, with the acquiescence of most of the Arabs of Palestine, actively supported the Holocaust and Nazi Germany and bears considerable moral, political ....culpability for the murder of many Jews'

from 'The Forgotten Terrorist'

by Mel Ayton, p34, quoting Alan Dershowitz: 'The Jews got the Balfour Declaration for supporting the right side in WW1. The Arabs in Palestine got the generous offer of partition after siding with Hitler in WW2'

Isaiah 66:8 on Israel's Declaration of Independence 14 May, 1948

"Can a country be born in a day or a nation be delivered in an instant? Yet as soon as Zion was in labor, she gave birth to her children"

Eliezer Ben Yehuda working on the prophecy of Hebrew revival of Zephaniah 3:9

Amos 9:15 on Israel's Declaration of Independence 14 May, 1948

"I will plant Israel in their own land, never again to be uprooted from the land I have given them"

According to Article 80 of the UN charter incorporated into the Mandate for Palestine, The Oct24, 1945

Accordingly, the UN or any other entity cannot transfer Jewish rights - including immigration and settlement - to any other party.

According to Article 80 of the UN charter and the Mandate for Palestine

the 1967 war of self defense returned Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria to its legal owner, the Jewish State.

Also, according to Article 80 of the UN charter and the Mandate for Palestine:

Legally, and geo-strategically, the rules of 'belligerent occupation' do not apply to Israel's presence in Judea and Samaria, since they are not foreign territory, while Jordan did NOT have a legitimate title over the so-called Westbank (moreover, the rules of 'belligerent occupation' do not apply in view of the 1994 Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty. The 1950-1967 Jordanian occupation of the so-called Westbank (of the Jordan river) was illegitimate according to Article 80 of the UN charter).

from 'The Forgotten Terrorist'

by Mel Ayton, p35, quoting the Arab-sponsored Institute for Palestinian Studies in Beirut, which found that 'the majority of Arab refugees in 1948 were not expelled and 68 percent left without ever seeing an Israeli soldier'

IsraelToday: On land ownership in Palestine under the Ottomans (1517-1917):

'There was no land ownership under the Ottomans before 1858, only after this time land registration became possible. Just half the lands of Palestine were considered arable by them ('Miri' = cultivated, land which could be rented for 10% of the harvest), but went mostly unused (or 'Mawat' = fallow)'.

A comparison on land ownership in the newly independent United States ('Undaunted Courage' by Stephen Ambrose, p42):

'Taxes are due on 'warrant land', so as to prevent its forfeiture to the state as vacant or abandoned land'.

On land ownership in Palestine under the British (1917 - 1947)

"When the British inherited this system in 1918 (chaotic and corrupt, to avoid payment of taxes), there were few documents except those of Arabs who had registered and of Jewish purchases from Arabs (often at very high prices). The British maintained the status quo".

On land ownership under Israel (after 1948)

In 1948, 15% of the land of Palestine was owned by Jews, 20% was owned by Druze, Arab, and Christians (such as religious institutions, aka 'Mulk-land'). The cultivated 'Miri' lands that were not owned by Arabs (and who left in 1948, so now unrented, unowned, uncultivated, fallow 'Mawat' lands) were nationalised in 1948.

President Truman on May 14, 1948, the first to recognize Israel's independence after the UN vote:

"The United States recognizes the provisional government as the de facto authority of the new State of Israel."

"I believe it has a glorious future before it - not just another sovereign nation, but as an embodiment of the great ideals of our civilization."

the London 'Economist' 02 Oct,1948:

"Jewish Agencies published an appeal for Arabs to stay in Haifa. They promised safety and immunity, but of the 62,000 not more than 4 or 5 thousand remained"

1948 Arab invasion of the new state of Israel

Murray Greenfield, US sailor from NYC, helping destitute Holocaust survivors back to Palestine, in 'l'Chaim:

"Arabs were called Arabs. The Jews were the Palestinians then (before 1948)"

1939 Flag of Palestine, Larousse Encyclopedique

Jewish Owned 'Palestine Post' (later the 'Jerusalem Post'):

"Before 1948, the designation 'Palestinian' applied exclusively to the many Jews of Palestine."

Only Jews were called Palestinians before 1948

from 'The Forgotten Terrorist'by Mel Ayton, 2007, p36:

'Despite claims that Israel's victory in the 1948 war left over one million refugees, (this includes) relatives who entered Israel from 1946 onward, and their numbers were closer to four hundred thousand'

1948 Jewish refugees from Arab Countries

from 'The Forgotten Terrorist" by Mel Ayton, 2007, p36:

'What few Westerners realize(d) is that Palestinians were (and are to this day) hated throughout the Arab world'

1948 Arab invasion of the Jewish state of Palestine

Philistines in Brief

'This must go!'

Hans Habe, 'In King David's Footsteps', 1970s (p135)

"Only after the partition plan (Balfour, 1920s), did many Arabs come in from Jordan, so not as refugees, but as immigrants, looking for economic chances in Jewish agricultural enterprises"

Hans Habe (p169)

"Arabs like to believe in a united Arab fatherland. In 1948, many Arabs left Israel to return home. After the Arab war of annihilation against foundling Israel, only 157,000 Arabs remained in Israel. Of those who left, while they may have lost their dwellings in Israel, the surrounding Arabs stole their fatherland."

"Does the 'right of return' mean, that all stolen goods and possessions of expelled Jews from Arab lands in 1948 will be restored?"

'Until the 1940's, like Palestine itself, no independent Arab nations surrounding Palestine had existed for centuries or even thousands of years, if ever.'

'The Palestine people does not exist.

In 1940, the Palestine-Mandate Football team was all-Jewish

from The Forgotten Terrorist' by Mel Ayton, 2007, p36, quoting an Arab-American journalist on the success of the Palestinian propaganda machine (using the Palestinians exploited in ghettos in the Arab world as a weapon against Israel):

'There is no language known as Palestinian, there is no distinct Palestinian culture, there has never been a Palestinian land ruled by Palestinians. Palestinians are Arab-speakers, indistinguishable from Lebanese, Jordanians, Syrians, Iraqis (Arabs, which control 99.9% of the Middle Eastern lands).'

'Arab Muslim nations'

Diplomat from Saudi Arabia at the United Nations, 1956

"It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but Southern Syria."

On the 1949 General Armistice Agreement, GAA, mediated by Ralph Bunche, who received the Nobel Peace Prize (from ‘Six Days of War’ by Michael Oren, 2002):

"Under it’s ambiguous terms, the 1949 agreement between Israel and it’s adversaries Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, one side, the Arab, claimed full belligerent rights, including the right to renew active hostilities at will, and denied the other side any form of legitimacy or recognition"

1951-56 Arab terrorist raids into the new state of Israel

On the 1949 General Armistice Agreement, GAA, (from ‘Six Days of War’ by Michael Oren, 2002):

'Not all Arab regimes were opposed to peace, in principle at least: the Syrians offered to resettle 300,000 refugees in return for control over half the Sea of Galilee, Jordan wanted a corridor to the Mediterranean, and Egypt demanded the entire Negev (62% of Israel's territory)'

Diplomat from Saudi Arabia at the United Nations, 1956

"It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but Southern Syria."

Hans Habe (p167)

"At the same time of the flight of the Arabs out of Israel back home in 1948, the Jewish exodus from Arab lands started: 235,000 escaped from Morocco, 124,000 from Iraq, 46,000 from Yemen, 43,000 from Tunisia, 37,000 from Egypt, 32,000 from Libya, 12,000 from Algiers, and 8,000 from what is now Syria"

the numbers are even higher

Bagdad, largest Jewish city after Jerusalem in 1928 (Al Hirschfelt)

On Bagdad as a city where Jews were economically preponderant (Fromkin's 'A Peace to end all Peace', p306)

"Bagdad one thousand years ago had become the seat of the exilarch - the head of the Jewish religion in the eastern diaspora - and thus the capital of oriental Judaism”

Mosje Dayan, in 'Story of my life' on land purchases in the 1930s:

"Sometimes we purchased the land from Arabs - often at very inflated prices - and set up Jewish villages where there had once been Arab villages"

The story of a mountain village, Peki'in, in Northern Galilee with a 2000 year Jewish history (W. Kortenoeven, Israel Aktueel, May21):

"During the 1936-39 Arab war of terror, all Jews of Peki'in were expelled"

Hans Habe (p170+)

"The UN Organisation’s UNWRA recognized 536K refugees from Palestine in 1948. In 1966 this number had grown on paper to 1.35 million, at an assumed birthrate of 5% when in fact the Arab population had been stagnant at 600,000 in Palestine for 400 years under the Ottoman Turks."

Hans Habe on UN alchemy, 1948 and on (p170)

"The United Nation Organisation UNWRA (12,000 employees then) created the 'Palestinian' from a test tube: any Arab who had resided 2 years in Palestine was declared a 'Palestinian'."

On Palestine partition plans:

"Three times the Arabs were offered a partition plan with their own state: the 1917 Balfour declaration (which still included present-day Jordan, which was split off by the British as Palestinian 'Trans-Jordan' in 1922), the 1937 Peel plan (with only 17% of the land going to the Jews, with a maximum population limit of 500K Jews), and in 1947 during the United Nations nationhood vote for Israel. Three times the Arabs rejected a second Palestinian state."

1922 Division of Palestine into Jewish ('Israel') and Palestinian states ('Jordan')

On Jordan as THE Palestinian State:

'Jordan, over half of the Mandate partition, is technically 'Palestine': 70% of the Jordanian population is Palestinian Arab. Palestinain Arabs retained their Jordanian citizenship, until Jordan renounced all claims to the so-called West Bank on 31 July 1988, where they lost their Jordanian nationality and citizenship rights. In 1951 Jordan's King Abdullah was assassinated by a Palestinian Arab of the Al-Husayni clan'

More on Jordan as THE Palestinian State:

'In 1951, Hashemite King Abdullah Al-Hussein of Jordan after independence in 1947 (Emir of Trans-Jordan from 1921), was assassinated by a Palestinian Arab of the Al-Husseini clan'

100 years on (2024), Hamas' Senior Official Mousa Abu Marzouk:

'Most of Hamas leaders are Jordanian citizens: if we had to leave Qatar, we would go to Jordan' (the real Palestinian state!)

Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, 1950s:

"If an expert says it can't be done, get another expert."

"To be a realist, you have to believe in miracles."

"We can defeat the Arabs a hundred times, and still have the same problem. They only need to defeat us once, and we are done for."

President Dwight Eisenhower, 1957 on return of the Jews to their ancient homeland:

"Our forces saved the remnant of the Jewish people of Europe for a new life and a new hope in the reborn land of Israel. Along with all men of good will, I salute the young state and wish it well."

"The health of our society depends upon a deep and abiding respect for the basic commandments of the God of Israel."

Pres candidate John F Kennedy, 1959:

"Let us make it clear that we will never turn our backs on our steadfast friends in Israel, whose adherence to the democratic way must be admired by all friends of freedom.”

Pres candidate John F Kennedy, March 17, 1958, referring to basic Arab rivalries, quarrels over boundaries, economic pressures, and cross purposes of nationalism in the Arab world:

"Even by the coldest calculations, the removal of Israel would not alter the basic crisis in the area”

Pres candidate John F Kennedy, 1960:

"Friendship with Israel is not a partisan matter, it is a national commitment”

Ariel Sharon in his Autobiography, on the subject of Jewish land in the 1920s and 30s (p24):

"My parents and other Moshav families had built their village out of nothing (Kfar Malal, destroyed by Arabs in 1921). Through years of backbreaking labor they had taken a malarial wasteland and forced it into productivity. They had refused to tolerate the degrading conditions into which they were born, but instead had gone out and remade their lives. Not one of them had a single question about their right to the land"

Hussain Abdul-Hussain on the UN general Assembly resolution 181:

'The resolution stipulated a Jewish state and an Arab state, not a Palestinian state. Arabs were Arabs then, called their revolution of 1936 an 'Arab revolution', used Arab flags, even after 1948 they did not call themselves "Palestinian', a term still referring to Jews of Palestine. When Syria seceeded from the Nasser's United Arab Union in 1961, and after Nasser took a beating in Yemen in 1962, to avenge his losses he the Jordanians (who had occupied the Westbank since 1948, so-called by Jordan on the Eastbank) and Saudis back. He then in the early sixties instigated the Arabs of the Westbank to secede from Jordan and create a Palestinian state that would join Nasser's United Arab Republic (Egypt).

Mosje Dayan

"After a cabinet decision, the Israeli government announced that all refugees who went to Jordan, Lebanon, and Kuwait, and who wished to return would be allowed to do so up to August 10, 1967. But very few did. They had to go through the Jordanian government, who held them up and placed obstacles in their way"

1967 Israel's Six Day war - Northern Front (Mosje Dayan - Story of my Life)

On the PLO

It is fact that the Palestinian Liberation Organisation PLO, founded in 1964, did not claim the 'Westbank' (so named by Jordan, while the Jordanians took it from Israel in 1948 and occupied it for several decades). That only happened after 1967, when Jordan was expelled from Judea and Samaria, the spoils of a war which had been started by Jordan

On the founding of the PLO

the Palestinian Liberation Organisation, PLO, was not founded in 1964 to create a Palestinian state (Jordan was a Palestinian state, and occupied the Westback, while Egypt occupied Gaza). The PLO was created to eliminate Israel.

On spoils of war (Mosje Avital in 'Child of Buchenwald' and author of 'The Failure of Man, and the Enigma of God's Silence'):

"Czechs gave 3.5 million Sudeten-Germans 4 hours to leave Sudetenland, a spoil of World War 2, a place where Germans had lived for 400 years"

On Arab violence and retaliation:

"No Jew ever took revenge on a single German after WW2"

On Arab airplane hijacks:

'between 1968 and 1972, there were 326 airplane hijack attempts'

Matan Peleg, CEO of IMTIRTZU in l'Chaim, on the sacredness of Jerusalem:

'Jews that were 3000 years outside of Jerusalem never forgot, they chose education and life.

Palestinian Arabs, 30 years after Israel's legitimate war of independence in 1948, chose terror.'

From 'Six Days of War' by Michael Oren, p54, CH.'the Catalysts'

The trigger for the 1967 six-day war was the baseless and false information, knowingly spread by the USSR (the Soviet Union), that Israel had placed twelve brigades on the Syrian border. This caused Egypt to mobilize in the south, evict the UN Peacekeepers from and invade the Sinaï with a massive Egyptian troop buildup, while closing Israel's economic lifeline, the Straights of Tiran'

From 'Six Days of War' by Michael Oren, p162, CH.'the Countdown'

'The Syrians prepared (in May67) to implement Victory ('Nasr') an offensive operation. As designed by the Soviets, 'Victory' called for a forty-mile blitzkrieg by three expanded divisions, ... to take cities of Tiberias and Safad, .....and settlements of the Dan region, then regroup for the conquest of Afula, Haifa, and Nazareth'.

From 'Six Days of War' by Michael Oren, p161/2, CH.'the Countdown'

'Jordan revived Operation Tariq in May67. With the opening of battle, a four-pronged assault would be launched on Israeli positions north and south of Jerusalem (to hold Jerusalem's 200,000 Jews hostage as leverage to retain the socalled 'Westbank'). The Jordanian forces were to 'destroy all buildings and kill everyone inside' in the four areas, including civilians.'

From 'Six Days of War', p86 (CH. 'the Crisis'), quoting UN general Rikhye of UNEF Sinaï Peacekeepers (since 1956), expelled by Egypt, one week before the six-day war in 1967:

"I think you're going to have a major Middle East war and I think we will still be sorting it out 50 years from now"

1967 Egyptian newspaper

Mosje Dayan, who instituted this swearing-in ceremony for the Armoured Corps soldiers atop Mt Massada:

"Masada shall not fall again"

From 'Six Days of War', p176 (CH.'the Countdown'), after two weeks of intense offensive military buildup by Egypt in the Sinai, and closing the Straits of Tiran:

'The IAF carried out 164 sorties in just over 100 minutes ... and destroyed 286 out of 420 combat aircraft in Egypt's arsenal that morning - 30 Soviet Tupolev-16s, 27 Soviet Ilyushin-28 medium bombers (intended to bomb Israeli cities), 12 Soviet Sukhoi-7 fighter-bombers, 90 Soviet MIG interceptors, 20 Soviet MIG-19's, 75 Soviet MIG-17's, 32 transport planes and helicopters'.

the 1967 Air War on 05 June (Michael Oren, Six Days of War, p173)

From 'Six Days of War', p187(CH. 'Day 1') on Jordan's unprovoked air attack on Netanya (eventually losing them control of the Westbank and Jerusalem):

'After the Jordanian Hawker attack on Netanya, the IAF conducted a lightning strike of nine minutes on Jordanian airfields of Mafraq and Amman, which were rendered inoperable, while the Hawkers were refueling. The second Israeli wave completed the task by destroying all twenty Hawkers and eight other aircraft'

From 'Six Days of War', p195 (CH. 'Day 1') on Syria's promise to Jordan that they would attack Israeli forces at Jenin at first light the next morning:

'In fact, Syria had little Air Force left. Two thirds of it - 2 Soviet Ilyushins-28 bombers, 32 Soviet MIG-21s, 23 Soviet MIG-17s, and 3 helicopters had been eliminated in eighty-two midday IDF sorties'

On the Holocaust (The Auschwitz Album - Random House):

"Not to forget, impossible to forgive"

Title of Ephraim Kishon's book 1967:

"So sorry we won"

Book cover 'So sorry we won' by Kishon

In 1967, the Jewish flag was first raised over Jerusalem on the ancient threshing floor of Arauna, purchased by King David 3000 years ago, by a Jewish soldier named Arauna!

On US President Johnson's methods (From 'Six Days of War', by Michael Oren, p326, Ch. 'Aftershocks):

'Having resisted Eisenhower's pressure tactics during Suez, Johnson refused to arm-twist the Israelis. At most he was willing to delay arms shipments to Israel, while urging Israel to be "flexible, patient, discreet and generous"'

On Johnson's legacy (From 'Six Days of War', by Michael Oren, p327, Ch. 'Aftershocks):

'The Johnson Administration would leave a mixed legacy of good intentions and tragically failed dreams, yet there would be no gainsaying its contribution in laying the corner-stone for future Arab-Israeli agreements'

Golda Meir:

"We cannot lose because we have a secret weapon: we have no alternative"

Author Hans Habe, 'In King David's Footsteps', 1970s:

"The Arabs never objected to 400 years of Ottoman occupation, the only ones to protest were the Jews of Palestine" (p134)

1500-1800 Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters

Hans Habe, p62

"The failed Kolchoz was a product of communist society, the successful Kibbutz created the Jewish state."

Prime Minister Eshkol, joking about socialism

"If you want to make a small fortune in Israel, bring a large one"

Hans Habe, p63

"In 1967, after two decades of Jordanian occupation, only 10% of Arabs on the Westbank had access to running water but three years later, under the Israeli benefactors in 1970: 76 ltr/d (per person). At the same time (1967), Israel's water reserves efficiency usage was 90%, the highest in the world".

Hans Habe, p215

"Why don't the Arabs want our hospitals and street lights? Because it means we are here to stay."

Hadassah hospital on Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, stood empty and unused during Jordan's rule (1948-1967) after 79 Jewish doctors, nurses and others were killed by Arabs during a resupply mission in 1948.

Golda Meir, 'My Life', 1970s:

"We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate ours."

1973 Golda Meir, 50 years ago!

An Arab saying:

"Vengeance is a joy divine"

On the Arab character (Gen16:12):

"His hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him"

Historic Arab Colonialism

On Arab-Islamic Colonialism after 540AD:

Why is nothing taught at universities about Arab colonialism from the sixth century, where women were raped, men killed, hostages taken as slaves, and Sharia law imposed on so-called 'non believers'?

Abba Eban, 16 Dec 1970:

"If Algeria introduced a resolution declaring that the earth was flat and that Israel had flattened it, it would pass by a UN vote of 164 to 13 with 26 abstentions."

Golda Meir, 1971:

"This country exists as the fulfillment of a promise made by God Himself. It would be ridiculous to ask it to account for its legitimacy"

Golda Meir, 1972:

"Arab sovereignty in Jerusalem just cannot be. This city will not be divided — not half and half, not 60-40, not 75-25, nothing."

Golda Meir, 1978: 30th anniversary of Israel's founding:

"Above all, this country is our own. Nobody has to get up in the morning and worry what his neighbors think of him. Being a Jew is no problem here."

Author Efraim Kishon:

"Israel is a country surrounded on all side by enemies, but the people's headaches are caused by their neighbors upstairs"

Cabinet Minister Naftali Bennett:

"Never again will Jews NOT have a country to go to when persecuted"

Lance Lambert:

Enscribed gilt-edged Arabic poster of Adolf Hitler in a UN relief organisation building in Beirut in 1982 (as seen and testified to by Lance Lambert)

'We will finish what Adolf Hitler started'

White Slaves, African Masters' by Paul Baepler

'In Muslim Arab countries, Jews were the lowest caste: even when a white 'Ghimmy' (slave) came to fetch water at the well, the waiting Jew had to move to the back of the line'

President Carter, architect of the 1978 Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel, despite knowing how Jews had been cruelly shunned and systematically ostracized by slavetrading Arabs for well over a millennium, wrote a book with the title:

'Palestine Peace, not Apartheid'

Michael Oren in 'Six days of War' (2002, p337), writes:

'In the war of 1948, while a large Arab population remained within Israel, no Jews were allowed to stay in any area conquered by the Arabs'

Amir Tsarfati on Bethlehem ('Beth Lechem', House of Bread, Birthplace of Christ)

'In 1995, Bethlehem was 80% Christian under Israeli rule. In 1995, the Palestinian Authority took over control. Today, 25 years later, under 10% of Bethlehem's population is Christian'

Bethlehem culturally appropriated

Dr Sheila Nazarian:

'An Arab can live in Israel, A Jew cannot live in Gaza'. Where is the apartheid?

Record ethnically-cleansing Arab Muslim Colonialism

PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein, in 1977:

'The Palestinian people do not exist. The Palestinian State is only a means of continuing the struggle against the State of Israel for our Arab unity. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand, that we posit the existence of a distinct Palestinian people to oppose Zionism.'

President Ronald Reagan, 1987:

"For the people of Israel and America are historic partners in the global quest for human dignity and freedom. We will always remain at each other's side."

Wiesje de Lange,

'Relentless persecution of Jews explains the enormous difference in numbers between two 5000-year old cultures of the Chinese and the Hebrews'

A reporter:

'What might be the anatomical significance of thousands of praying muslims turning their rear ends to the location of God's Holy Temple?'

Spanish Journalist Sebastian Villar Rodriguez,'Europe died in Auschwitz', 2008:

"We killed six million Jews and replaced them with 20 million Muslims. In Auschwitz we burned a culture, thought, creativity, talent. We destroyed the chosen people, truly chosen, because they produced great and wonderful people who changed the world (189 Nobel Prize winners). We replaced science, art, international trade, and above all, the conscience of the world, with stupidity and ignorance, religious extremism and lack of tolerance, crime and poverty (only 7 Nobel Prize winners among whom, tellingly, Egyptian-born Yasser Arafat).”

Jewish Nobel Prizes

The Guardian, 2017

'Incarceration of a Palestinian terrorist for 3 years fetches him $400 per month salary, three to five years: $560/month. Sentences up to 15 years: $1690/month, and up to 20years: $2000/month, all funded by the European Union.'

Hitmen for hire, paid for by the EU

The PA, 2018

'The Palestinian Authority paid terrorists and their families over $347 million last year, according to its own records'

2018, Pay for Slay, paid for by the EU

Taken from 'Jesus and the Jihadis', by Evans and Johnston: "The Center for the Studies of Political Islam has quantatively noted that 132,315 words are devoted to jihad in the Islamic trilogy of the Hadith, Sira and Qur'an, nearly as many words as in the whole New Testament"

2023, 07 Oct, Pay for Slay, paid for by the US

On the link between Freemasonry and religion:

According to 'ancient' freemasonry (invented in the 17th century), all religions are equal, including Islam and Satanism.

Nothing was known about Mohammed until the 19th century, except some German manuscripts which formed the Sira

On the founding of Islam:

'Islam gives its greatest regard to a man 1) who did no miracles to prove divinity and 2) in no way measured up to the sinless and loving Jesus, 3) made no real prophecies, 4) had everyone killed who disagreed with him, and 5) was fond of splitting up booty from military raids against innocent people'.

Mohammed and Jesus

On the practice of subjugating ('Islam') by Muslims:

'There are over 400 references to subjugating kafirs (infidels) in the Koran'

On Israel in the Quran:

'There are over 43 references to Israel in the Koran: Israel is much older than the Quran'

Gad Saad on X, on Israel in the Quran:

'There are 47 references to Israel in the Quran, none for Palestine, which was so named by the Romans in 135AD, 'that the name of Israel is remembered no more' (Ps83:4)

90% of the victims of Muslim violence are Muslims

Benjamin Netanyahu:

"If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence.

If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel."

the '23 State Solution': 22 to the Arabs, and 1 to the Jews

On Jerusalem, in Isaiah 62:6:

"I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem"

in Matt5:38

"Jerusalem is the city of the Great King"

in the Bible, there are over

150 Biblical references to the Zion, 'city of David, city of the Lord, city of the living God, the Heavenly Jerusalem'

Psalm 78:68

"But he chose the tribe of Judah, Mount Zion, which he loved."

on the origin of Zionism:

God is the real Zionist Entity

the Bible on Jerusalem:

"There are over 800 references to the city of Jerusalem in the Bible, not one in the Qur'an"

on the name 'Al Quds':

on the name Al Quds (Arabic vernacular for Jerusalem):

it comes from the Hebrew word Beit Hamikdash, which is the Jewish Temple!

in the Qur'an

"There is only one reference to the city of Mecca, a dry and waterless place in the middle of nowhere"

2024 'Social media influencer' Loay AlShareef on the status of Jerusalem in Islam:

"I would like to remind my fellow Muslims that neither the prophet Mohammed nor his companions regarded Jerusalem as Holy (or Haram), reserving this reverence only for Mecca and Medina. They did not refer to it as Jerusalem or Al Quds, instead calling it by the name chosen by the Europeans (the Romans in 135AD), Aelia Capitolina, when they expelled the Jews"

Israel is much older than Islam

On languages and Jerusalem, Chuck Missler, "Genesis"

"All languages point to Jerusalem: to the West of Jerusalem they are written from left to right, and to the east they are written from right to left"

On our Alphabet:

"The name of our 'alphabet' comes from the Greek letters Alpha and Beta which in turn comes from the first two Hebrew letters Alef and Bet (Hebrew letters as used in Psalm 119)"

On Hebrew columns found by Ron Wyatt in Saudi Arabia:

"These markers with Hebrew script were erected by king Solomon (1011-931BC) to mark both sides of the Israelite crossing from Egypt into Arabia"

Solomon's Markers

Ariel Sharon's autobiography 'Warrior', p551, 1989:

"The homeland mentioned in the British Balfour Treaty of 1917 was divided for the first time in 1922, with three quarters of (British) Palestine being taken to form (Trans)Jordan, on the East bank of the Jordan river (whose population is 80% 'Palestinian')".

Ariel Sharon, p552, 1989:

"One hundred years of terror. And this has nothing to do with our presence in Samaria or Judea or Gaza. Terror was a fact of our lives in the 1960's, 50's, 40's, 30's and 20's. It was with us during the Turkish occupation, the British occupation, the Jordanian and Egyptian occupations."

Michael Barclay on the artificial creation of 'the Palestinian Underdog'in the early 1960s:

The Arab coalition was not only physically losing wars, but was considered bullies of Israel in worldwide media. They were the Goliath that kept losing to David. So they hired the public relations firm of Dudley-Anderson-Yutzy in New York (founded in 1909, no longer in business) to change their image in the world. George Anderson told them they needed a 'victim', a group that would be perceived as smaller and even more abused than the Israelis, and the 'Palestinian cause' was born.

Ariel Sharon, p551, 1989:

"During the creation of the State of Israel (in 1947/48), the so-called West-Bank was occupied by Jordan, and Gaza by Egypt. Then in 1967, these areas were taken back by Israel"

Ariel Sharon, p550, 1989:

"Gaza with its 550,000 inhabitants on 360 square kilometers does not have to be squalid. Greater Tel Aviv has over a million inhabitants with a high standard of living, concentrated on 180 square kilometers."

Ariel Sharon, p545, 1989:

"The fact is, that a Palestinian state has existed since 1922, when Great Britain split off 75% of its Palestine Mandate to create TransJordan (the current Jordan)"

1922 Division of Palestine into Jewish and Palestinian states

Geert Wilders, newly elected to the gov't of Holland, 2023:

"Jordan is Palestine". When 80% of your population is Palestinian, and your land is part of what was called Palestine until 1922, then you are a Palestinian state!

Ariel Sharon, p553, 1989:

"(After 1967) Arab inhabitants of Judea and Samaria are members of Jordan's parliament and ministers in Jordan's cabinet"

Ariel Sharon, p544, 1989:

"Israeli Arabs pay disproportionately low taxes, Arab builders are allowed to ignore building codes, minor fees like TV and radio are not enforced, and they do not share the basic burden all others do: 3-year military service. Yet they have the vote to form the government of Israel. For equal privileges, there should be equal duties"

Hugh Fitzgerald on the position of Arabs in today's Israel

“In Israel, Arabs sit on the Supreme Court, serve in the Knesset, go abroad as ambassadors. The chairman of Israel’s largest bank, Bank Leumi, is an Arab. Jews and Arabs work in the same factories and offices, play on the same sports teams and in the same orchestras, act in the same films, are treated in the same hospitals by both Jewish and Arab medical personnel, attend the same classes in the same universities. Jews and Arabs own restaurants and start high-tech businesses together. The only difference in their treatment is that Jews must, while Arabs may serve in the military.”

Ariel Sharon, p551, 1989:

"Whatever the political rhetoric, the reality is that a Palestinian state exists in Jordan, with its capital in Amman, and a Jewish state exists in Israel, with its capital in Jerusalem"

Ariel Sharon, p246, 1989:

"In 1970, 70 to 80 percent of Jordan's population was Palestinian (non-Bedouin), most of its Parliament was Palestinian, its most prominent cabinet members were Palestinian, many of its prime ministers have been Palestinian."

Writer Yoram Ettinger on the enormous damage the Palestinians have wrought on the Middle East:

'In the early 1950s, the Palestinian leadership collaborated with the Muslim Brotherhood, terrorizing Egypt, their host country (the Muslim brotherhood was outlawed).

In the mid-1960s, the Palestinian leadership bullied Syria, their host country (Palestinians are kept stateless in Syrian 'refugee' camps to this day).

In 1968-70, the Palestinian leadership triggered a civil war of 10 months (aka Black September) in Jordan, attempting to topple their host Hashemite regime (but were expelled).

In 1970-82, the Palestinian leadership instigated a series of civil wars in (very prosperous, Christian-run) Lebanon, aiming to take over their host country (The PLO was driven out of Lebanon by Israel in 1982. First Syria, then Iran's Hezbollah took over, culminating in today's failed-state).

In 1990, the Palestinian leadership collaborated with dictator Saddam Hussein’s invasion and plunder of Kuwait, which was for decades the most generous Arab host of 400,000 Palestinians' (who were all expelled).

After 1990, the Palestinians self-destructed in the so-called 'intifada's' on the so-called Westbank (of the river as seen from Jordan, which is ancient Judea and Samaria).

In 2006, Israel granted Gaza complete self-rule (at great economic loss to itself and its people), the Gazans elected the terrorist organization Hamas in 2007, which proceeded to implode Gaza in a number of wars, culminating in a stupifyingly mindless act of self-destruction on 07oct23.

Under Jerusalem, Under Gaza

Ariel Sharon, p358, 1989:

"Jerusalem has had a continuous Jewish community from Biblical time right to the present"

Ariel Sharon, p358, 1989:

"In 1840, year of the first modern census, Jews were the single largest ethnic group in the city (of Jerusalem). In 1860, the Jewish community had grown larger than the Moslem and Christian communities together, and by 1890 Jews constituted 60 percent of the population (of Jerusalem)"

On Rabin's peace efforts, elected as Prime Minister in 1992 (Six Days of War, Michael Oren, 2002, p313)

'Rabin sought a historic reconciliation with the Palestinian people under leadership of Yasser Arafat - the same Arafat whose guerrilla attacks helped precipitate the (6-day) war. Palestinian terrorists killed dozens of Israeli civilians and Israeli extremists branded Rabin a traitor. One of them killed Rabin at a peace ralley on Nov 04, 1995.

on partitioning Israel in two states by Clinton:

In 2000, the Clinton Administration again proposed to partition the land: the creation of a Palestinian state in virtually all of the Westbank and the entire Gaza strip with its capital in East Jerusalem. The Israelis accepted (under PM Ehud Barak), the Palestinians refused (under PA's Arafat), resorting to years of counter-productive (since self-destructive) Palestinian violence (intifada's).

Dictator of Syria (only independent since 1946), Hafez Assad to the PLO leader Yasser Arafat in 1976:

"You do not represent Palestine as much as we do. Never forget one point: There is no such thing as a Palestinian people, there is no Palestinian entity, there is only Syria. You are an integral part of the Syrian people. Palestine is an integral part of Syria. Therefore it is we, the Syrians authorities, who are the true representatives of the Palestinian people"

on partitioning Israel in two states by Bush Jr, and later, Donald Trump:

The Bush Jr. Administration, after the one-sided Oslo accords of 1993, again proposed to partition the land by 2005: the creation of a Palestinian state, while leaving Jerusalem's status vague if the Palestinian Arabs foreswore violence, and if the surrounding Arabs made peace with Israel. Three aspects that president Trump achieved without partitioning the Holy Land.

on partitioning Israel in two states by Obama:

In 2009, according to the NYT, in 'opening a bold overture' to the Islamic world, Obama (predictably) reserved some of his bluntest words for Israel (not the violent Palestinians), to attempt to further his aim for a two-state solution (by first insisting on a settlement freeze, then backing away from it).

2015 Obama Administration State Dep't study:

"During a recent study in 2015, it found that only 20,000 Palestinian refugees remained alive of the claimed 700,000 who fled in 1948 (note that the UN claims there are 5.1 million, while virtually none are left now)"

On the UNWRA in Gaza:

'For 73 years UNRWA has perpetuated the mysery of Palestinians by teaching hatred, engaging in corruption, cooperating with terrorists, stealing food from and refusing to resettle refugees. The UNRWA has made its mission to expand the number of so called refugees, to bloat its budget and expand its power.'

On the Isaiah 2 text on the UN building in NYC UNRWA 'teaching war', until 'war will be learned no more'

The UN as instrument of war: 300 miles of tunnels

Commentary in May'21 by a female Jewish reporter in the Times, on how the Judeo-Christian achievements of the Gospel in Western society (healthcare, hospitals, education, prosperity and freedom) have been replaced by the sewer of 'Social Justice', leading to depravity and lawlessness:

"Religion, the restraint on behaviour, has been substantially replaced by therapy, which diagnoses such restraint as unhealthy repression; the slow death of Christianity in Britain (=the West) meant the transfer of beliefs from messianic redemption to a secular utopia; St Paul yielded to Jean-Jacques Rousseau; and the death of original sin was replaced by the doctrine of original innocence; instead of fallen mankind, redeemed by a Savior on the cross, the goodness of mankind had to be redeemed from the corrupting effects of authority of any kind; Instead of salvation by faith, the association of free and unfettered spirits would now be left to create heaven on the earth"

from 'Life at the Bottom', by Jewish author Theodore Dalrymple, 2001, on the modern Welfare State, p124/148/155/200/204

'Tolerance acts as a solvent on remaining restraint'. 'The absense of standards is the beginning of barbarism'. 'Misery rises to meet the means available for its alleviation'. 'Anti-social behavior increases proportionally to the excuses intellectuals make for it'. 'Do sties make pigs, or do pigs make sties?' 'An assidiously cultivated decline (by the secular left) in the public's confidence in the justice system's ability to distinguish guilt from innocence'

Martin Niemoller on totalitarian government rounding up opponents, then and now:

'Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.'

Synagogues attacked since the demonic Hamas slaughter of 07oct23

John Donne, on humanity's demise:

'Never send to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee'

Nov22, 1944: the official Red Cross Auschwitz Holocaust Denial

Palestinian Arab saying:

'Do you want the truth, or do you want his brother?'

21st Century: Where were the Red Cross and the Red Crescent?

Danny Ayalon in L'Chaim on Jerusalem, at the 50th celebration of the Six Day War, 2017:

'Jerusalem kept the Jews for 2000 years, now we, the Jews, keep Jerusalem'

'Offers of a 3d Palestinian State' (after Jordan and Gaza), all rejected

Joe Biden was a senator on June 22, 1982, and during his Senate Foreign Relations committee testimony, he threatened to cut off aid to Israel. Begin forcefully responded:

"Don't threaten us with cutting off your aid. I am not a Jew with trembling knees. I am a proud Jew with 3700 years of civilized history. Nobody came to our aid when we were dying in the gas chambers and ovens. Nobody came to our aid when we were striving to create our country. We paid for it. We fought for it. We died for it. We will stand by our principles. We will defend them. And, when necessary, we will die for them again, with or without your aid”

1937 Nazi BDS, with Jews as original Palestinians, Arabs as fascist allies. What has changed?

President Donald Trump, 2017:

"Today we finally acknowledge the obvious: that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. This is nothing more or less than a recognition of reality. It is also the right thing to do. It’s something that has to be done.”

from 'The Forgotten Terrorist'

by Mel Ayton, p34, quoting Alan Dershowitz: 'The Jews got the Balfour Declaration for supporting the right side in WW1. The Arabs in Palestine got the generous offer of partition after siding with Hitler in WW2'

on partitioning Israel in two states by Biden:

'The Biden Administration rewards the Hamas barbaric violence of 07oct23 with an offer of a two state solution, one which the socalled Palestians have rejected consistently in thought, word and deed.'

on partitioning the progressive left under the Biden admin:

'The gaslighting and the lies connected to "progressive" agendas, the violent radical Islamists became the "oppressed" in the eyes of the privileged, terrifyingly ignorant, stupid young people. It hass all come to an end.'

on political disconnect of the planners of the massacre by Hamas on 07 October, 2023, during the extra-ordinarily weak Biden admin:

'They may have dreamed of unprecedented victories that would make them the masters of the region, but they became fugitives between the tunnels of Gaza and other capitals in the region beyond, looking for a lifeline from a pre-ordained fate.'

'Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee' (Ezechiel38: Elam = Persia)

Stephen Kruiser (16oct23) on leftwing protester's gullibility:

'The rich 'Palestinian' history that the perpetually aggrieved American protester class thinks is being fought for is a work of creative fiction. It’s an even easier sell to the American Left today, given that they spent all of 2020 convincing themselves that Joe Biden was a thoughtful centrist who would bring some class to the White House. They’ve made their gullibility a cornerstone of their politics.'

2023 Why Arabs prefer Israel

2024: On Biden's duplicitous 'support' for Israel,

'The day before Biden announced a freeze on arms sales to Israel, the administration issued executive orders bypassing sanctions, allowing the sale of arms to Qatar, Lebanon, and Iraq. The Biden orders bypass the sanctions that prohibit sale of arms to countries that embargo Israel'

Pres candidate John F Kennedy, 1960:

"Friendship with Israel is not a partisan matter, it is a national commitment”

on JFK's unwavering American Presidential support, for Israel, Inaugural address 20jan61:

"Let any nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to ensure the survival and the success of liberty"

After 75 years of unwavering American Presidential support for Israel, witness here the absolute duplicity of the Biden Administration

Who impresses more, Biden or Bibi?

on the Fatwa against Hamas by the FatwaCouncil, a major Islamic judicial organization

The Muslim Fatwa Institute published a 'fatwa' ('religious ruling' nr F02301) on matters of Islam in March 2023 against Hamas, stating that 'at the request of many believers' the findings of the council, as displayed in its jurisprudence, regarding the behavior of Hamas against the Palestinians, that "Hamas bears responsibility for its own reign of corruption and terrorism in Gaza".

Oct 2023: Hamas Tunnels exceed total length of the London Tube

on the 12 May, 2024 Remembrance Day in Israel:

'Israel mourns the loss of 25040 fallen soldiers and victims of terror since 1948.'

Douglas Murray on the shifting winds of anti-semitism:

"Everyone knows that anti-semitism is a shifting virus: First the Jews were hated because they were poor, then they were hated because they were rich. Then they were hated for not integrating, and then they were hated for integrating. In the era where you could hate for religion, they were hated for their religion, then when that became impossible in Europe, they were hated for their race. Then at a particular point, Europe discovered they could not hate for race anymore, so what we did was we hated Jews for being stateless, and then we hated them for having a state".

A very interesting view from Gaza about Gaza

A very interesting view about Israel's prosperity:

'The Israel Aerospace Industry IAI published its quarterly report for 2024 with the highest figure in its history. The company net profits jumped by 48% and Israel continues to get richer.'

Israel is much older than Islam

Even the Qur'an recognizes Israel as for the Jews ('Night Journey', Ch17:100-104):

'And thereafter We [Allah] said to the Children of Israel: "Dwell securely in the Promised Land. And when the last warning will come to pass, we will gather you together in a mingled crowd." [Qur'an 17:104]'

Even the Koran acknowlegdes Israel's right to the land

the Apostle Paul, in Romans 11:26-27:

“And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Zion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob: For this is my covenant unto them, when I shall take away their sins”

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Some Middle-East History:

Jerusalem in 1486 by Konrad von Grunenberg

Jerusalem around the 1890s

Youtube: Hatikvah, de hoop van 2000 jaar / Hope of 2000 years (Sheetmusic here)

Josephus' timeline and description of the destruction of Jerusalem 70AD - 'not one stone left on another'

Emperor Vespasian's building of Rome's colosseum using 60,000 Jewish slaves

40 maps of Middle East history

'Lands of the Bible' by Dr Wilson (1852), p.231-274

on the Golan

Giant Cities of Bashan by Rev Porter, 1867 (Modern Golan, formerly 'East Manasseh')

on Samaritans

'Nabloos (= Neapolis / Shechem) and the Samaritans (in 1861)' by Sir George Grove (p. 241-258)

'Fragments of a Samaritan Turgum', by John W. Nutt (1874, note: slightly tedious)

on the name 'Palestine'

And did those feet, in ancient times, walk upon Palestine's mountain greens?

Jewish land purchases in pre-1947 Palestine

100 years after Balfour (Stephen Bayme on YouTube, very good)

on Israel's wars of existence: war maps

1948 Israel's war of indep. - Arab invasions (Ariel Sharon - Warrior)

1956 Israel's Sinai Campaign (Mosje Dayan - Story of my Life)

1967 Israel's Six Day war - Northern Front (Mosje Dayan - Story of my Life)

1973 Yom Kippur war - Southern Front (Mosje Dayan - Story of my Life)

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2000 years of Muslim, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Persecution of Jews:

Wikipedia: Timeline of several millennia of persecutions of Jews

Re. the Massacre of 1400 innocent Jews on 07 October 2023: An Open Letter to the World

Good vs Evil

the Wikipedia list of persecutions in Excel, with Filter/Sort codes on location & type of persecution:





forced exile

religious decrees


(to sort: pls remove checked 'blanks' in top Cell per selection to select specific 'events' above)

Some examples of relentless persecution from 'rational and enlightened' Europe:

1021AD: A violent earthquake occurs, which some Greeks maintain is caused by a desecration of Jesus by the Jews. For this a number of Roman Jews are burnt at the stake

1349AD: Zurich: 600 Jews are burned at the stake and the entire Jewish community of Zurich is annihilated as a part of the Black Death Jewish persecutions.

1365AD: Jews of Lorraine are expelled after their presence is cited as the cause of lightning strikes which destroyed twenty-two houses.

Other examples of persecution

Islam aptly means 'subjugation': the Koran assigns two thirds of its content to the subjugation (=persecution) of infidels

Where the pointy Democrat party KKK hats came from ('Sanbenitos' were used to persecute Jews in catholic Spain)

War Victims: interview Holocaust survivor with Coenraad Rood (in English)

War Victims: moving life story by Coenraad Rood, concentration camp prisoner and Holocaust survivor of WW2 (in English)

War Victims: Map with movements of Coen Rood, concentration camp prisoner and Holocaust survivor of WW2

Dimensions in Testimony site: Virtual answers by Holocaust survivors to questions posed by viewers

Arolson Archives with records of 17.5 million Holocaust victims (formerly ITS, International Tracing Service)

Oorlogsbronnen: interviews in Dutch with WW2 victims, war footage

The muslim Mufti of Jerusalem Al-Hussaini was a virulent anti-semite, responsible for many Jewish deaths in Palestine between world wars (to appease him, he was made Mufti, and 'rewarded' by the British with a cap of Jewish immigrants to 75K per year during WW2). He spent the WW2 years in Berlin (being wanted for collaboration with the Nazis and for war crimes). He visited Auschwitz in that time, while making a case with the Nazi leadership to exterminate Jews, while spreading fake news to Arab nations demanding them to kill all the Jews there.

the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem negotiating a Jewish solution with Hitler

Taken from 'Jesus and the Jihadis', by Evans and Johnston

"The Center for the Studies of Political Islam has quantatively noted that 132,315 words are devoted to jihad in the Islamic trilogy of the Hadith, Sira and Qur'an, nearly as many words as in the whole New Testament"

1951-1956 Terrorist Raids into Israel with ~1000 Israeli dead (Ariel Sharon - Warrior) - has anything really changed??

Persecution prints:

CNTL +/- for larger/smaller

1215AD Pointy hat and yellow marking for Jews made compulsory at 4th Council under Pope Innocentius III

1250AD Pointy hats, made compulsory under Pope Innocentius III, in various European countries

13th century - Torture of Jews on a rack to force confessions

1475 Trente Execution after 8 days of Torture and forced Confessions

1493AD Burning of Jews, from Woodcut of publisher Schedelse Weltchronik, printed in Nuremburg

1500s - Spanish Inquisition burning heretics, including many Maranos in Spain and Portugal

1509AD - Print from Ulrich Tengler Lekenspiegel - Kneeling Jew made to swear in Court on Ex20vs7

1550AD - Spanish Inquisition's 'Auto da Fe' burning at the stake, presided over by St Dominic at the Prado in Madrid, by A Barreguete 1482-1561

Inquisition's targets Top 5: Rodrigues

Inquisition's Burning at the Stake, Monsaraz, Port

Keys from a clandestine Synagogue, Portugal

Inquisition's Forced dragging of Jews to the Stake

Burning Jews at the Stake, Evora, Port

Burning Jews at the Stake, Evora, Port

Inquisition: burning Jews at the stake in Evora

Burning Jews at the Stake, Monsaraz, Port

Inquisition's forced baptisms of Jews

Inquisition's forced confessions of Jews

Inquisition's forced conversions of Jews

Inquisition's forced imprisonment of Jews

1600s Portuguese Inquisition in Goa India, against Jewish converts called Maranos,and against Hindus

1601AD Spanish Inquisition in Mexico of Maranos - Burning at the stake of Governor's daughter Mariana Carvajal

1601AD Spanish Inquisition in Mexico of Maranos - Trial and torture of Governor's daughter Francisca Carvajal

1680AD Auto da Fe - Public burning of 18 Maranos at the wedding of Catholic Charles II of Spain June30, 1680

1680AD Public burning of 18 Maranos at the wedding of Catholic Charles II of Spain June30, 1680

Condemned by the Spanish Inquisition wearing Pointy Sanbenito and cross of St Andrew, by Francisco de Goya, 1814

Spanish Inquisition - dungeon showing barbaric tortures

16th Century Spanish Inquisition interrogation of a Jew after being denounced anonymously by 2 masked witnesses at left

17th century - Jew being made to swear barefoot on bloody pigskin, Ref Schwabenspiegel

Islamic pre-occupation with subjugation and persecution

1806AD Napoleon shown 'issuing' the 10 Commandments to Jews

1848AD Alsace Durmenach turning on its Jews (present since Roman times)

1898AD France's infamous Dreyfus Affair ending hopes of legal equality (lighting the Zionist dream)

1903AD Russia Kishinev - Desecrated Scrolls during pogroms

the numerous massacres of Jews by Arabs in the Holy Land, early 20th century

Remembering 480 years of Jewish persecution, Evora, Port.

Remembering the House of Inquisition, Monsaraz, Portugal

1943AD Socialist cancel-culture..........

....always leads to slaughter of innocent sheep by 1945

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