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Sheetmusic of 100's of Popular Folk Songs, Hymns, Anthems, Operas, and Gospel songs

last updated 2023

Domestic Sheet Music online

Domestic Sheetmusic, large choice on Archive.org

A good Sheetmusic mix (Connecticut College, on Archive.org)

Gems of English Folk Songs, 1875

Sheetmusic of the 1898 Abridged Academy Songbook, in four parts

Index of the Academy Song Book 1898, pdf

Part 1 National and Patriotic Songs, pdf, 3MB. To print page, subtract 2 from page nr

Part 2 School and College Songs, pdf, 5MB. To print page, subtract 48 from page nr

Part 3 Familiar Songs, pdf, 6MB. To print page, subtract 120 from page nr

Part 4 Devotional Songs, pdf, 5MB. To print page, subtract 218 from page nr

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Sheetmusic of the 1900 Junior Song Book

Index of the Junior Song Book 1900 (pdf, note some misprints in index)

Junior Song book by Percy Jackman, 1900, pdf, 6.6MB. To print page, subtract 2 from page nr

Sheetmusic of the 1901 Mercersburg Academy Song Book

Index of the Mercersburg Academy Song Book 1901

The Mercersburg Academy Song Book, 1901 (Google Books)

Sheetmusic of the more popular Civil War songs

Various Union and Confederate Civil War Sheetmusic

Christmas Songs

Voices of Christmas past, recordings from 1898 - 1922, interesting!

Kerstwijsjes (midi) / Dutch Christmas tunes (midi)

Internationale Kerstwijsjes (midi) / International Christmas tunes (midi)

An Unforgettable Christmas Musical 1982 (pdf, 4MB)

15 favorite Christmas Carols 1977 (pdf, 8MB)

'Ave Maria' by Schubert

'the Holy City' by Stephen Adams

'A Dream of Bethlehem'

Bach 9 Christmas Chorales, zip file 2MB

Christmas Academy Song Book 1898, Zip file 3MB

Christmas English Hymnal 1933, Zip file 5MB

Christmas Army Navy Hymnal 1941, Zip file 8MB

Kerstliederen uit de bundel van Joh de Heer, Dutch, Zip file 3MB

Oude Kerstliederen, Joh de Heer, Dutch, Zip file 8MB

Wie zingt mee, Kerstliederen, Dutch, Zip file 2MB

YouTube: Handel's Messiah, the Choir of King's College, video recording

*NEW* Kerstmuziek uit "Geestelijke Liederen uit de Schat van de Kerk der Eeuwen" (1934) - old Christmas hymns:

Oude Kerstliederen, deel1 / Ancient Christmas tunes, Dutch, Zip file 9MB

Oude Kerstliederen, Advent, deel2 / Ancient Christmas tunes, Dutch, Zip file 4MB

Oude Kerstliederen, deel3 / Ancient Christmas tunes, Dutch, Zip file 7MB

Folk Hymnal 1970

1970 Folk Hymnal for the Now Generation, 1970, pdf 4MB

check Index first

Folk Hymnal 1971

Youth Folk Hymnal, 1971, pdf 5MB

check Index first

Recorded piano gospel songs, spirituals, psalms and hymns sheetmusic

Midi file with over 100 recorded Gospel songs and Hymns on Piano at less than 1MB (Midi), will play on PC or keyboard

Sheetmusic of some of the Greatest English Hymns

Sheetmusic of some of the Greatest English Hymns

Bladmuziek van oude Psalmen, met voor-& naspel, GB van Krieken 1886 / Sheetmusic of the 148 Psalms, with preludes

Ps1-48, Zip file 5MB

Ps51-100, Zip file 5MB

Ps101-148, Zip file 4MB

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Canadian Sheetmusic

Canadian Sheetmusic

Sacred Service for American Synagogue

Index Sacred Service for American Synagogue

Sacred Service (of Alomone Ossi) for American Synagogue, by Isadore Freed, 1952, pdf 3MB

Sheet music for Harmonium / church organ

"NEW" Oude Meesters 1, Old Masters 1. pdf 4MB

"NEW" Oude Meesters 2, Old Masters 2. pdf 8MB

"NEW" Oude Meesters 4, Old Masters 4. pdf 5MB

"NEW" Oude Meesters 5, Old Masters 5. pdf 7MB

"NEW" Oude Meesters 7, Old Masters 7. pdf 7MB

"NEW" Cesar Franck, L;Organiste2. pdf 6MB

"NEW" Harmonium American Organ, Hassenstein. pdf 9MB

"NEW" The Holstein Little Organ Book Op32, das Holsteinische Orgel Buchlein, Micheelsen. pdf 9MB

Hymn Improvisations by Virginia Thomas, 1950, pdf 5MB

Harmonium Classical composers, pdf 4MB

Practice Pieces for Organ Sheet music:

50 Practice Pieces for Organ / Harmonium, Heft 1 and 2, by August Reinhard, Op74, pdf 5MB

Practice Pieces for Organ, Edmund Parlow, Pt2, Opus138, pdf 11MB

Intermezzi per Organo I, by Hendrik Andriessen, Prima Raccolta R204, pdf 2MB

Premier Choral pour Orgue, by Hendrik Andriessen, R273, pdf, 1MB

100 Organ Pieces, Pt2, 1st half, pdf, 4MB

100 Organ Pieces, Pt2, 2d half, pdf, 4MB

35 Miniature per Organo Flor Peeters, Op55, pdf, 3MB

Harmonium American Organ, Hassenstein, pdf, 9MB

Mozart for small Electronic Organs, with Pedals , TIF 9MB

L'Harmonium Religieux Volume2, No3562, Pierre Allevard, pdf 4MB

Classical and Opera Pieces for Organ Birnbach, RB814, 1920, pdf 4MB

Listen to an impressive 2-man rendition of Sousa's Stars & Stripes on the Heidelberg HeiligeGeistKirche organ, MP3

YouTube: 4 hrs of Handel Organ works

JS Bach Cantates:

NEW!! JS Bach Cantate 29, pdf 3MB

NEW!! JS Bach Cantate 57, pdf 3MB

NEW!! JS Bach Cantate 101, pdf 3MB

NEW!! JS Bach Cantate 120, pdf 3MB

NEW!! JS Bach Cantate 126, pdf 3MB

NEW!! JS Bach Cantate 150, pdf 2MB

NEW!! JS Bach Cantate 151, pdf 1MB

JS Bach Christmas Chorale 126, zip 2MB

JS Bach - 60 Chorales, 1937, pdf 5MB

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ClassicalSheetmusic online:

Robert Schumann - Sammtliche Lieder 3

Felix Mendelsohn Bartholdy - Lieder fur eine Singstimme

Organ music on the web:

Hymns sheet music (with pedal) from Johannus Organs (many played pieces)

Three years of recorded organ music programmes (EO populaire orgelbespeling), no sheet music

EO Nederland Zingt, Songs of Praise Choir music, no sheet music

MP3 psalm music for organ, Feike Asma en vele anderen, no sheet music

Hymns Sheetmusic elsewhere on the web:

Hymns sheet music (with pedal) from Johannus Organs (many played pieces)

Sheetmusic for Organ: een aantal Psalmen en Gezangen

Hymn music: Psalmen en Gezangen uit Liedboek, JohdeHeer, Youth for Christ

Hymn music: Psalmen en Gezangen op orgel muziek naar keus, met tekst om mee te zingen, pdf 4MB

Afrikaans Geneefs Psalmboek, text with some music

J.S. Bach, by Albert Schweitzer organist of the Bach society of Paris, ed. 1905

Online Sheetmusic of Ancient Hymns and Hymnals

Note magnifying glass, and slider at bottom, indexes at far right of slider

Wesleyan Methodist Hymn Book, online hymnal, 1869:

Songs of Grace and Glory, 1100 hymns, online hymnal, 1872:

Shaker music, online hymnal, 1875

Melodies of Life, online hymnal, 1884

Shaker music, online hymnal, 1884

Japanese Hymnal, 1886, Hallowed Songs (Methodist - Episcopalian Church), online hymnal, 1886

Hymns of he Christian Life, online hymnal, 1887:

Methodist Free Hymnal, online hymnal, 1889

Gospel Hymns, complete 739 hymns, online hymnal, 1895

St Basil Hymnal, Latin and English Hymns, 1918

Hymnal for American Youth, online hymnal, 1919

Gospel Hymn Book by DB Towner, online hymnal, 1903

International Gospel Hymns and Songs by PP Bilhorn, online hymnal, 1905

Gospel Hymns and Sacred Songs by Bliss&Sankey, online hymnal, 1903

Christ in Song Hymn (700 hymns) by FE Belden, online hymnal, 1900

1-2-3 Gospel Message combined by Hall, Geibel, Miles, online hymnal, 1915

The new Make Christ King Hymnal by EO Excell, online hymnal, 1916

The Chinese hymnal by Chinese writers, online Engl. hymnal, 1953

Swahili and Zulu Hymns, Sheetmusic on the web:

Swahili Christian Hymns on the web

Amagama Okulhabelela, Zulu Hymnal on the web, klavarscribo, 1911

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Negro Spirituals Sheetmusic elsewhere on the web:

The New Negro Forget-me-Not Songster 1848s Sable Hammonds)

Slave Songs of the United States, (1867, Allen, Ware, Garrison)

Best-Loved Negro Spirituals (lyrics) (Herder)

The Books of American Negro Spirituals (1925, ltd ed., Johnson & Johnson)

American Negro Folk Songs (1928, N.I. White)

American Negro Songs, 230 songs and spirituals (John H. Work)

Slave Songs of the Georgia Sea Islands (1942, Lydia Parrish)

The Writings of Thomas Wentworth Higginson (Vol 3): Army life in a black regiment (1900)

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Afrikaner volksliedjes / Afrikaans Folk Songs

Suid Afrikaanse bladmusiek / Zuid Afrikaanse bladmuziek/ South African sheet music

Afrikaans Geneefs Psalmboek, text with some music

'Listen Live', South African Classical music / Suid Afrikaans Klassiek

Friese volksliedjes / Friesian Folk Songs

Friese Bladmuziek / Friesian sheet music

Friese liedjes MP3-WMA / Fryske Sankjes / Friesian songs

Hollandse (volks)liedjes / Dutch Folk Songs

Inhoudsopgave Rood Wit Blauw

'Ik snak naar den dag vol van Rood, Wit, Blauw' - pdf, 3MB

Sheetmusic and great MP3's of sing-along National Anthems

Sheet music of international patriotic hymns / anthems / songs

20 great MP3 National Anthems of the Worldcup 2006, sung along by the crowds

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Google Books: "The Messiah" by Handel: containing the music of the principal songs, duets, and choruses 1867

YouTube:"Messiah", London Symphony Orchestra, sound recording

Google Sheetmusic of Popular Folk Songs and Ballads


Old Scotch Gems and other Favourite songs, 1906

Sixty Irish Songs for High Voice, edited by William Arms Fisher 1915

Sixty Irish Songs for Low Voice, ed. by William Arms Fisher (downloadable pfd files) 1915

Songs of Ireland: 100 most Popular Irish Songs, ed. by Bodewalt Lampe, 1916

Songs of Old Ireland: a collection of fifty Irish melodies, words by Alfred Percival Graves, music arr. By C. Villiers Stanford 1882 (ded. to Johannes Brahms)

One Hundred English Folk Songs, ed. By Cecil J Sharp for medium voice, 1916

Songs of the British Isles: a collection of forty popular English, Irish, Scotch, and Welch songs, comp. and ed. by Max Spicker, 1909

Elisabethan love-songs, Volumes 1-2, by James Frederick Keel, 1909

Fifty songs by Robert Franz (in German and English) 1903


Forget-Me-Not Songster, a choice collection of ballads as sung by our grandmothers (1840)

Amercian Folk Songs from the Academy Song-Book, 1895, 1898, 1918

Spanish American Folk Songs, coll. by Eleanor Hague, 1917

Songs of the cattle trail and cow camp (1919, John A. Lomax). Mostly lyrics

Cowboy songs and other frontier ballads (1920, John A. Lomax, foreword by Theodore Roosevelt). Mostly lyrics.

American Ballads and Songs (1922, Louise Pound). Mostly lyrics.

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