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Amazing Grace versions

1906 Great English Hymns

Assorted Hymns

Lent & Passion Hymns

1906 Glee Club Hymns

1941 Campers Hymnal

1970 Folk Hymnal

1971 Folk Hymnal

Well Known Hymns for Organ

Classic Organ Hymns

Practice Pieces for Organ

Bach Cantates & Chorales

150 Psalms with pre- and postludes

Devotional Hymns

Web sites with Hymn books

Foreign Hymnals

Great English Hymns sheet music

Nice versions of Amazing Grace

The most performed song of all (3500+): Amazing Grace (YouTube)

'Amazing Grace' by Glen Campbell on Pipes, w. South Dakota Symphony Orchestra (MP3)

'Amazing Grace' by Rob Crabtree on Pipes (MP3)

'Amazing Grace' on Church Organ by Gert van Hoef, St.Laurenskerk (MP3)

'Amazing Grace' by Andre Rieux Pipeband (MP3)

'Amazing Grace' by the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (MP3)

'Amazing Grace' by guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel, Live at St Louis (MP3)

'Amazing Grace' by David Phelps a Capella (MP3)

'Amazing Grace' by BJ Thomas and Glen Campbell (YT)

'Amazing Grace' by Andrea Bocelli (Central Park, 2011, MP3)

'Amazing Grace' Pipes on Memorial Day (YouTube), the saddest

'Amazing Grace' by Judy Collins 1970

'Amazing Grace' by Judy Collins 1993 with the Harlem Boys Choir, cond Turnbull

'Amazing Grace' by Nana Mouskouri & 100 Voices for Gospel

'Amazing Grace' by Dan Vasc


'Home onthe Range' by Bryn Terfel (Central Park, 2011, MP3)

1906 Great English Hymnal Sheet Music

Online 1906 English Hymnal - Tunes, index p935

Online 1906 English Hymnal - Lyrics only

Great English Hymns Sheet music Zip file:

A Mighty Fortress

Abide with Me

All Glory Laud and Honor

All Hail the Power of Jesus Name

All Things Bright and Beautful

Crown Him with many crowns

Dear Lord and Father of Mankind

Eternal Father Strong to Save

Father to Thee we look in all our Sorrow

For all the Saints

Glorious Things of Thee are spoken

God be with you till we meet again

God Save our Gracious King

Guide me O Thou Great Jehovah

Immortal Invisible God only Wise

Let us with gladsome mind (Thanksgiving)

My own Dear Land

Now my soul thy voice upraising

Thanksgiving - Now thank we all our God (Nun_Danket)

O Lord of hosts Who didst upraise

O Perfect Love

Onward Christian Soldiers

Praise my Soul the King of Heaven

The Church's one Foundation

Praise to the Lord the Almighty

Tell me the old old Story

The King of Love my Shepherd is

There is a Wideness in Gods Mercy

They Whose Course on Earth is Over

This is my Father's World

Thou didst leave Thy Throne

Thy Hand, O God, has guided

We saw Thee not when Thou didst come

When I survey the Wondrous Cross

When our heads are bowed with woe

Who ist his so weak and helpless

Ye watchers and ye holy ones

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Listen to beautiful English Hymns on YouTube

Assorted Classic Hymns

O Thou who camest from above, (in E flat) Westley (Hereford)

O Thou who camest from above, (in D) Westley (Hereford)

*'Love Divine, all loves excelling', Westley

Love Divine, Welsh tune

All my hope on God is founded

Christ is Made the sure Foundation, Purcell

God of our Fathers (US)

Wonderful Grace of Jesus

Thy hand, o GOD, has guided

Thine is the Glory, Risen, conquering Son (Handel)

Jesus shall reign

the Lord's Prayer

Be still my Soul

Be Thou My Vision

We have an Anchor (Will your anchor hold in the storms of life?)

It is well with my soul (When peace like a river)

As played on a Johannes Organ: It is well with my soul

How Great Thou art

The Day Thou gavest Lord is ended

Our great Saviour

Lent & Passion Hymns

Old Lent and Passion Hymns (Bach, Handel), 1.4MB

Palm Branches, 1906

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Assorted Hymns and Songs

1906 Glee Club Hymns

the LORD's Prayer

Prayer, Sicilian people's song

Lowly at Thy Feet

Far at Sea

Lift Thine Eyes to the Mountain - Psalm 121 tune Mendelsohn

Let the Hills and Vales Resound

Chorus of Angels - from Oratorio ELI

the Sabbath Morn - by Mendelsohn

Now the Day is Over

Hymns from 1941 Camper's Hymnal (no index)

***NEW*** Campers Hymnal part 1, 1-100

***NEW*** Campers Hymnal part 2, 101-188

Lead me gently home, father (CL Thompson 1879)

Nimm mich bei der Hand Vater (Lead me gently home, father, by CL Thompson) (listen here)

Then Jesus came (One sat beside the highway begging)/ Als Jesus kommt (listen here)

The Lord is my Shepherd, Psalm23 Crimond version (listen here)

Church in the Wildwood

All the way my Savior leads me

There is a Land of pure Delight

What a Friend we have in Jesus

the Old Rugged Cross

We are Marching to Zion

Onward Christian Soldiers

Dear Lord and Father of Mankind, simple setting

He Leadeth Me

Master the Tempest is Raging

He Lives

Down by the Riverside (spiritual)

Swing low, Sweet Chariot (spiritual)

Steel Away (spiritual)

Now the Day is Over

Softly now the light of Day

The Day is Dying in the West

Blessed Assurance

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1970 Folk Hymnal

1970 Folk Hymnal for the Now Generation, 1970, pdf 4MB

check Index first

1971 Folk Hymnal

a New Now, Youth Folk Hymnal, 1971, pdf 5MB

check Index first

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Well Known Hymns for Organ, with Pedal - 1950

Hymn Improvisations for Organ with Pedal, by Virginia Thomas, 1950. 5MB, pdf

Sheet music for Classic Harmonium / Organ, incl. some classic Hymns

"NEW" Oude Meesters 1, Old Masters 1, pdf, 4MB

"NEW" Oude Meesters 2, Old Masters 2, pdf, 8MB

"NEW" Oude Meesters 4, Old Masters 4, pdf, 5MB

"NEW" Oude Meesters 5, Old Masters 5, pdf, 7MB

"NEW" Oude Meesters 7, Old Masters 7, pdf, 7MB

"NEW" Cesar Franck, L'Organiste2, pdf, 6MB

"NEW" The Holstein Little Organ Book Op32, das Holsteinische Orgel Buchlein, Micheelsen, pdf, 9MB

L'Harmonium Religieux Volume2, No3562, Pierre Allevard, pdf, 4MB

Practice Pieces for Organ Sheet music:

Harmonium 50 Practice Pieces for Organ / Harmonium, Pt1, by August Reinhard, Op74, pdf 7MB

Practice Pieces for Organ, Edmund Parlow, Pt2 Opus138, pdf 11MB

Intermezzi per Organo I, by Hendrik Andriessen, Prima Raccolta R204, pdf 2MB

Premier Choral pour Orgue, by Hendrik Andriessen, R273, pdf, 1MB

100 Organ Pieces, Part2, 1st half, pdf, 4MB

100 Organ Pieces, Part2, 2d half, pdf, 4MB

35 Miniature per Organo Flor Peeters, Op55, pdf, 3MB

Harmonium American Organ, Hassenstein, pdf, 9MB

Mozart for small Electronic Organs, with Pedals , TIF 9MB

Harmonium Classical composers, pdf 4MB

Classical and Opera Pieces for Organ Birnbach, RB814, 1920, pdf 4MB

Listen to an impressive 2-man rendition of Sousa's Stars & Stripes on the Heidelberg HeiligeGeistKirche organ, MP3

JS Bach Cantates & Chorales sheetmusic

NEW!! BACH Scrolling Matthaeus Passion / St Matthew's Passion, YouTube

JS Bach Cantate 29, pdf 3MB

JS Bach Cantate 57, pdf 3MB

JS Bach Cantate 101, pdf 3MB

JS Bach Cantate 120, pdf 3MB

JS Bach Cantate 126, pdf 3MB

JS Bach Cantate 150, pdf 2MB

JS Bach Cantate 151, pdf 1MB

JS Bach Christmas Chorale 126, zip 2MB

JS Bach - 60 Chorales, 1937, pdf 5MB

BACH Scrolling: Tocata, Adagio, Fugue, BWV 564, YouTube

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Sheetmusic of 150 Psalms for Organ, GB van Krieken 1886, with pre- & postludes

Ps1-48, Zip file 5MB

Ps51-100, Zip file 5MB

Ps101-148, Zip file 4MB

Devotional Hymns sheetmusic (Academy Songbook 1898)

Part 4 Devotional Songs, pdf, 5MB. To print indiv. pages, check pdf page nrs

Index Academy Songbook Devotional, Part 4

to other Academy Song Book songs

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Web sites with a big selection of old hymnals as sheet music:

Note pointer at bottom left, and arrows at bottom right, indexes at far right of slider

Hymns, Spirituals & Sunday School songs, on Archive.org

Songs for Kindergarten and Primary Schools, 1888

Songs for Little Folk, 1882

Brethren Historical Collection (ManUniv)

United (Scots) Presbyterian Hymn Book, online hymnal, 1877:

Church of England Children's Hymn Book, 1881

Cherokee Hymn Book, 1839 (Publ 1896)

Old Cherokee Hymn

The Gospel Hymn Book, 1903

Pentecostal Hymnal, 1898

Brethren Hymnal, 1901

Hymnal of the Moravian Church, 1969

The Evangelical Hymnal, 1883

Living Hymnal, 1923

French Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, by McCalla, 1854

6 Gesaenge, by Hartmann, 1840

Wesleyan Methodist Hymn Book, online hymnal, 1869:

Songs of Grace and Glory, 1100 hymns, online hymnal, 1872:

Shaker music, online hymnal, 1875

Melodies of Life, online hymnal, 1884

Shaker music, online hymnal, 1884

Japanese Hymnal, 1886, Hallowed Songs (Meth-Episc. Church), online hymnal, 1886

Hymns of he Christian Life, online hymnal, 1887:

Methodist Free Hymnal, online hymnal, 1889

Gospel Hymns, complete 739 hymns, online hymnal, 1895

St Basil Hymnal, Latin and English Hymns, 1918

Hymnal for American Youth, online hymnal, 1919

Gospel Hymn Book by DB Towner, online hymnal, 1903

International Gospel Hymns and Songs by PP Bilhorn, online hymnal, 1905

Gospel Hymns and Sacred Songs by Bliss&Sankey, online hymnal, 1903

Christ in Song Hymn (700 hymns) by FE Belden, online hymnal, 1900

1-2-3 Gospel Message combined by Hall, Geibel, Miles, online hymnal, 1915

The new Make Christ King Hymnal by EO Excell, online hymnal, 1916

Favorite Songs and Hymns, 1939

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Foreign Hymnals: Sheetmusic on the web:

The Chinese hymnal by Chinese writers, online Engl. hymnal, 1953

Manichaean Psalm Book, Coptic, by Allberry, 1938

Burmese Hymns, 1860

North Indian Hindi Hymns, 1875

Japanese Hymns & Songs of Praise, 1888

Swahili Christian Hymns on the web

Amagama Okulhabelela, Zulu Hymnal on the web, klavarscribo, 1911

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